The only European event focused solely on B2B tech marketers making the transition to data-driven marketing.

Data has become the core of B2B IT digital marketing strategy, and the adoption of data-driven marketing tactics is on a rapid rise.

How do we take the needs of both sales and marketing and synergise it into one common intent data-driven message?

This year, TechTarget’s London ROI Summit takes the data strategy you know you need and showcases the “how to” of strategic implementation using a data-driven approach.


Please join us for our 10th annual London ROI Summit to:

  • Hear from tech marketing thought leaders on how they have achieved synergy through intent driven-data in their company
  • Network with 100+ of your technology marketing peers
  • Get actionable advice on how to use quality data to build effective email marketing campaigns, better enable sales attribution, & strengthen your ABM strategy
  • Review the content creation roadmap to content-enabled sales

The Mermaid London River Rooms

The Mermaid London River Rooms, located at Puddle Dock near Blackfriars Station, is a newly renovated set of rooms in a vibrant event centre featuring a breathtaking view of the Thames River.


Friday, 15th March, 2019


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Developing a content marketing roadmap to content-enabled sales


Peer business solutions: How I used intent driven-data

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    Using Intent-driven data as a marketing tool is relatively new and getting it right requires adjusting your mindset and thinking differently.

    This session offers two different perspective on how to navigate this change, from marketers currently working with intent-driven data.

    The panel features Jonathan Ridley, Enterprise Marketing Manager UKI at Veeam Software.


Networking & Coffee Break


Attribution and the Role of Marketing for Sales: Measuring the credit

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    Alun Hunt, Global Marketing Director, Cintra Software and Service
    Lisette Huyskamp, Head of EMEA Marketing, Optimizely
    Andy Gillies, SDR Manager, EMEA, TechTarget

    The data influx within marketing automation and sales force systems is exceptionally high. Marketing keeps adding data to help with the sales, including flooding in contact and source information, and the effect is less awareness of attribution to marketing. One might say it’s untrackable.

    We bring together three experienced individuals to ask the tough questions of attribution tracking and the marketing to sales intent based-data follow-up. Looking at the value of customer success, what is the best follow-up strategy for intent-based data, as well as useful attribution strategies for looking at the marketing to sales strategy. Covering the topics of ABM, showing the benefits of the right conversation, data refreshing, and social engagement, we’ll be beginning to mid-stage actions on how to get your best marketing tracked ROI.


Email Marketing Best Practices: The cascading opt-in timeframe effect

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    There are many ways to improve your nurturing – catchy subject lines, sending at peak engagement times, trigger based responses – but while tricks of the trade are important there is the fundamental question of when is the time that is best to engagement them in the nurture flow? In today’s intent-based data world, there is the concept of immediate engagement based on research patterns and activity. But does response really matter related to a point in time of opt-in engagement?

    The Performance Team at TechTarget has been looking into this question in great detail for the last 6 months in order to showcase to you, our vendors, what a thorough cascading timeline effect has on time based activity. We’ll look at opt-out %s swings, clicks to download, full download engagement and the 3-step-process to getting started on using this methodology.


Practical advice for capturing the win: Turning best practices to practical

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    If you look at the market landscape, the idea of media to market to ROI is a long journey that doesn’t always connect. How do you take the concept of a hype market and create a conceptual return on investment? How do you take mainstream topics and materialize them into practical advice for your marketing team?

    Featuring Bryan Glick (Editor-in-Chief, Computer Weekly) and Brent Boswell (Managing Director, EMEA, TechTarget) this presentation will cover the cycle of understanding on how to achieve marketing solutions to cover industry trends.




Hear from technology marketing experts

Sarah Dunn

Director EMEA Marketing Programs, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company

Alun Hunt

Global Marketing Director, Cintra Software and Services

Lisette Huyskamp

Head of EMEA Marketing, Optimizely

Jonathan Ridley

Enterprise Marketing Manager UKI, Veeam Software

Matt Laybourn

Head of Performance Marketing at DIRECTIONGROUP

Bryan Glick

Editor in chief, Computer Weekly

Jat Hayer

Vice President of Sales, EMEA, TechTarget

Brent Boswell

Managing Director, EMEA, TechTarget

Voula Hantziantonakis

Senior Customer Success Manager, EMEA, TechTarget

Andy Gillies

SDR Manager, EMEA, TechTarget

Byrony Seifert

VP of Marketing and Product Delivery, EMEA, TechTarget


The Mermaid London: River Rooms
Puddle Dock, London EC4V 3DB

Marketers think they have seen it all and know it all – the Summit is a reminder that we don’t!”

– Director of Marketing, Paxata


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Jat Hayer
VP of Sales, EMEA

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