Ever-changing Media Landscape: Marketer’s Dilemma or Reward?

As a Best Practice I occasionally consult our Advisory Board of TechTarget clients. They provide me with a realistic sense of what their pain points are in terms of their professional roles. A consistent theme I hear from them is the notion that the Internet consistently introduces a new array of media products and marketing solutions. The end result of this is that their immediate marketing landscape is in a constant change of flux. The onset of Web 2.0 is just one aspect of how this impacts them.

This reality has both its good and bad sides. On the positive side, it creates an environment that demands they embrace change and innovation and as a result they are challenged in their jobs.

On the other side, is the reality that because nothing remains static or the best solution for too long, they must constantly reevaluate their media choices and educate themselves anew as to how to prove ROI on their investments? A good example of this is performance associated with video interactive ads. Should money be spent on these or be placed to support advanced SEM tactics? And in general should new media replace the old new media like webcasts and/or email newsletters?

Years ago, it seemed marketing tactics were less complicated because there were fewer choices and a loyalty to specific media (like direct land mail) that historically performed. Now, try something new is the cry of the day and most marketers are spinning in their virtual office chairs trying to sort out what to do next.

Anyone have a perspective on this situation you’d like to share with us?

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