A Holiday Wish List for Technology Marketers

Garrett Mann
Garrett Mann

Director, Content Marketing

holiday wish list

Well, its that time of year again. The Holidays are in full swing and technology marketers are busy making their lists and checking them twice to make sure that they don’t miss these 3 things that should be on every technology marketer’s holiday wish list:

Holiday Wish #1 – More actionable intelligence for your sales teams

There is nothing your sales teams would like more than for you to deliver leads that are ready to sign on the bottom line packaged up  and gift wrapped with a bow and a ribbon. If you can find marketing teams that can consistently deliver this, I will show you a jolly old elf in a red suit with some reindeer and a sleigh.

They say that time is the “enemy of all deals” which can be true if you’re too late to the party because your reps are standing around the “chimney” waiting for opportunities to fall in your lap. While marketing may not be able to play Santa Claus when it comes to “silver platter” leads, you have the power to deliver something better – intelligence to help your sales teams get in early and shape deals in their favor.

If you believe the CEB stat that every marketer seems to accept as bible, buyers are approximately 60% of the process before they even talk to a sales rep. But the reality is, if your reps had better information to offer them, they would talk to them earlier. With good intelligence, you are really giving the gift of time to sales. Time to engage, time to prepare, time to nurture, time to be more consultative, and most importantly, time to be more buyer-centric and cement your company firmly within the short list.

Holiday Wish #2 – More content in all shapes and sizes

Kids love toys. Technology buyers love content. According to TechTarget’s latest Media Consumption Study, the majority of technology buyers consume at least 4 assets during the buying process. Additionally, average technology buying teams include 2-7 members on average. Combine these two numbers together and you have a whole lot of content to produce to cover the needs of buying teams!

But marketers need to be careful of building content just to build content – in order to create the most impact with technology buyers, you must produce more of the good stuff and less of the the bad stuff. Also, make sure your present doesn’t just look nice under the tree – the best gift is to provide buyers with content that is both visually appealing and strategically compelling.

Gifts are covered, but what about stocking stuffers? When it comes to content, bigger isn’t always better. Be sure to fill your IT buyer’s stockings with bite-sized, snackable content this holiday season.

Holiday Wish # 3 – Social media for everybody

The holiday season is the time to gather with friends, family, and colleagues and, well, be social. What better time to take stock of your social strategy…

Taking stock involves asking yourself a few questions:

As more and more engagements happen between buyers and sellers within the social environments, it is going to be essential for your company to embrace and fully integrate social media into your marketing strategy. Regardless of experience or what stage your company is with its social media outreach, here are 3 tips to help you achieve more social success.

What’s your list look like? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know or you can connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Happy Holidays!


Image source: Marketing wish list image via Shutterstock

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