How Genesys Enhances ABM with Real Purchase Intent from Priority Engine

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Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Genesys was using a lot of first party data to fuel its ABM campaigns and programs, but had limited ability to expand the success and scope of their efforts as they had no access to sources of intent insight beyond their own first party leads.


They use TechTarget’s Priority Engine account and prospect-level intent to better understand relevant and recent behavior of target accounts and buying teams researching their solutions outside of the Genesys domain.


Priority Engine adds tremendous value to Genesys’ ABM programs, allowing them to augment scoring with TechTarget’s real purchase intent data, accelerate target account leads down the funnel and provide sales with powerful insights to better prioritize & personalize outreach for maximum impact.

An interview with technology sales and marketing innovator, Fred Serpa, LATAM Regional Marketing Manager at Genesys

Genesys sells customer experience and contact center technology to mid-sized and enterprise businesses. Fred is responsible for marketing in LATAM, coordinating with the Global Marketing team and applying best practices regionally. Check him out on LinkedIn.

What are some challenges that you face specific to your marketing strategy at Genesys?

One of the biggest challenges we face at Genesys is understanding a lead’s intent based on all of the different things they are doing between first-party, second-party and third-party intent sources. We have a lot of first-party intent data, and our Marketing Operations team does a really good job of tying together all of the intent we receive. However, before Priority Engine, we did not have a source of intent outside of our first-party leads.

How are you using Priority Engine as part of your ABM strategy?

Priority Engine is a great source of intent to help us better understand the behavior of the people researching our solutions outside of the Genesys domain. At Genesys, we are very focused on ABM campaigns and trying to find ways to accelerate our key accounts, and Priority Engine helps us achieve that. Our Priority Engine Account Lists are set up to reflect the same group of target accounts we are currently engaging in our first-party campaigns to expand our ABM audience’s intent to more than just first-party data.

It’s critical for both marketing and sales to understand how decision-makers are behaving. Priority Engine accomplishes that by identifying relevant insights for both sales and marketing to leverage.

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It is critical for both marketing and sales to understand how decision-makers are behaving. Priority Engine accomplishes that by identifying relevant insights for both to leverage.”

Tell us about your tech stack and what a typical workflow looks like for your marketing and sales teams.

Our first-party leads come in from many different sources, including social, search and content syndication. Priority Engine comes into play with our content syndication and is our only non-first-party intent data source.

Currently, I’m pulling the data together for our nurture campaigns and for our sales teams. We export Priority Engine’s contacts and leads and then add them into Engagio. We have a template set up to connect the right fields from Priority Engine to Engagio so that we can merge the insights from Priority Engine with our first-party intent sources. This is crucial for our success to ensure we’re syncing all our content and account strategies together. From there, they move to nurture in Eloqua. At a high level, our lead scoring works by a lead racking up more points with more interaction, and the more they move down the funnel and the higher they score. We use leads to MCL to MQL to opportunity. When a lead gets to 100, it becomes an MQL. Once they convert, they move into Salesforce.

How are you planning to leverage Priority Engine and Engagio together moving forward?

Our plan is to use Engagio as a centralized platform for all our different data sources to live together, including Priority Engine intent data. This will help our marketing and sales teams understand how our accounts and the people at those accounts are interacting with us.

We have the sales reps’ account lists set up for them within Engagio, and I’m working on training the sales team on how to best leverage the intent data from Priority Engine and our first-party intent sources. We’re excited to start taking advantage of the insights at a prospect-level from Priority Engine as well. This will be amazing for sales reps to personalize their outreach at the individual level, that they can find within the Engagio dashboard. It is so powerful to have Priority Engine and Engagio together.

What is your plan for leveraging Priority Engine intent as a part of your lead scoring strategy?

We are working on getting Priority Engine intent data into Engagio as part of lead scoring strategy to further enhance our model and accelerate leads down the funnel faster.

We use first, second and third-party intent data to help with our lead scoring. We really care about how people are engaging with us and how recently. Recent engagement is one of our key lead scoring metrics. If we know a lead from Priority Engine performed an action with us in the last week, that will impact the lead score. Just knowing someone downloaded a whitepaper isn’t enough. Priority Engine provides us with the tech topics a specific person is interested in, the specific content that person downloaded, and the timeframe in which they downloaded it.

In LATAM specifically, intent sources are tricky due to a lack of technological advancements. One of the reasons we decided to go with Priority Engine was the great intent data coverage you have in LATAM.

How is Priority Engine helping you overcome your challenges and see success?

Before Priority Engine, it was challenging to build an audience based on only first-party intent. With Priority Engine, we can now see exactly what a person is looking at, easily understand the behavior at the person level, and decide if we want to include them in a campaign or event using relevant and recent information.

Priority Engine is a powerful tool – using it adds a lot of value to our organization. It allows us to display relevant insights to the sales team, accelerate leads down the funnel as part of our new lead scoring model, and helps the sales team with account planning by understanding who and how different people at their accounts play a role within an organization.

Tell us about your experience with the TechTarget Team?

The TechTarget team has been phenomenal. They have provided us the support we need, especially for LATAM. They helped set up our Account Lists in Priority Engine and are always providing us with the reporting and insights needed to further enhance our content syndication strategy.

A big thank you to Fred for sharing some feedback with us. We look forward to hearing about more of your wins using TechTarget products in the future!

If you’re interested in sharing your TechTarget story with us, feel free to reach out to me here.

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