How Rich Contacts Leverages Priority Engine to Generate Leads and Enable Sales

Sarah Geissler

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

An interview with successful technology sales and marketing innovator, Simon Watson, Managing Director and Founder of Rich Contacts

Rich Contacts is a B2B sales agency providing a wide range of services including everything from “contact to contract”, working in partnership with technology companies to enable sales and generate demand. Check him out on LinkedIn.

Tell us about how Rich Contacts is working with your clients and TechTarget? What are you trying to achieve using Priority Engine?

Right now, Rich Contacts is working on behalf of a project management software and collaborative work management solution provider, as an outsourced outbound and BDR function, to target specific profiles of businesses to enhance and grow their pipeline of SQLs. We are using Priority Engine to find new contacts, accounts, and insights to generate more leads and enable their sales. We provide them with the curation of the data, and enrichment of the data and insights from Priority Engine, as well as additional contacts.

Can you discuss some details about Priority Engine’s setup and how is Priority Engine being used?

We have Priority Engine set up with the two primary segments our client is targeting – Agile Project Management and Project and Portfolio Management, where we focus on the Active Prospects. We export the prospects and accounts within these segments and put them into a nurture stream. We have a nurture cadence set up for each of the persona groups – we do this on a regional level, as well as seniority or job function. We design a series of messages consisting of email, phone, and LinkedIn. Across these channels, we can touch prospects sometimes as many as 22 times.

using priority engine Rich ContactsIn parallel, we also schedule additional sequences designed for prospects who have gone through the first nurture sequence but were not quite ready to engage in a sales conversation and asked us to get back in touch with them at a later point.  Here we might send them content we deem valuable to them and their business, such as blog posts or email responses addressing specific challenges they may be facing. We also periodically reach out to them via the phone at certain times, to maintain that human touch and ensuring we keep the MQLs engaged and warm, until they are ready to be turned into SQLs.

We also provided our client’s sales team with training, so that they can also work directly in Priority Engine to find additional insights when they are calling on Active Prospects. The field sales team uses Priority Engine when a lead has become qualified, and they are ready for a sales meeting. Ahead of that meeting, the sales reps will log into Priority Engine to gather insights on that account and the contact so that they can have more productive conversations with the prospect and aren’t going into the conversation cold.

What types of results have you seen for this campaign so far?

For a campaign which started mid-December and ran for 3.5 months (excluding 3 weeks for the holiday season), we generated a pipeline value in excess of 7-figures, using Priority Engine.

Tell us about your experience working with TechTarget’s team – how have they made it easy for you to see success?

The support we get from the TechTarget team has been excellent. TechTarget has helped to train our team so that we can leverage Priority Engine to enable our client’s sales. We have been able to work collaboratively with them, and TechTarget has made that easy for us. They have been fantastic and incredibly helpful and are always looking to see what else can help us.

What is your favorite thing about Priority Engine?

The rich, clean, accurate data and insights we get from Priority Engine is unmatched. When we are doing outreach, especially by phone, being the first person with recent insights is what helps to give us a massive advantage over the competition. There have been several occasions where we have called a prospect and they said it was perfect timing to be speaking with us. These prospects from Priority Engine quickly turn into SQLs. We are big advocates of the data and insights within Priority Engine – it just works.

A big thank you to Simon for sharing some feedback with us. We look forward to hearing about more of your success in the future!

If you’re interested in sharing your TechTarget story with us, feel free to reach out to Sarah Geissler.

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