How TechTarget’s Priority Engine and Content Syndication Helped Panda Boost Brand Awareness and Break into New Accounts

Sarah Geissler
Sarah Geissler

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

An interview with strategic marketing innovator Jennifer Reid, Director of Marketing, NA at Panda Security

Panda Security is one of the most foremost companies in advanced cybersecurity solutions and services, as well as management and monitoring tools. Jennifer is an experienced marketer leading Panda’s North America marketing strategy, including channel marketing, field marketing, and demand generation. Check her out on LinkedIn!

What were some of the marketing challenges you encountered before partnering with TechTarget?

When I started at Panda Security, there was not much marketing going on at all. We had a sales team in place, and I needed to make sure that they were getting leads and that they had a tool that could allow them to do lead generation on their own.

Why did you choose TechTarget to solve these challenges?

using priority engine PandaTechTarget has some of the largest IT Properties in the industry and it’s a go-to site for IT professionals. I know that when we run programs with TechTarget, it’s not only going to provide us with leads, but also a good amount of brand awareness due to the site traffic they receive. We’re running syndication across all TechTarget web properties.

I also knew that Priority Engine would provide sales reps with a platform where they could do their own hunting.

How has Priority Engine helped you maintain an advantage over competitors by utilizing intent data?

Priority Engine allows us to take a smarter approach to marketing by targeting people who are actively searching. Even if they haven’t engaged with our brand directly, at least we know that they’re in the sales funnel somewhere and we can get access to those leads.

Tell us about your sales adoption of Priority Engine.

Priority Engine allows the sales team to not only source leads directly from the platform but find additional account information for leads we generate on other sites. Our reps have told me that Priority Engine is the best platform for contact and company information compared to other vendors we’ve used. Being able to see what prospects have been looking at, what they’re interested in, and competitor information, is a really strong value add for our team.

Our BDRs also go in each week and have a list of 200 accounts they’re calling through and they are finding and sourcing a significant number of meetings from that list. Our process here is that they hand them over to sales reps, and sales reps continue to work the deal.

What is your favorite part of working with TechTarget?

My favorite part of working with TechTarget is the quality of leads that I’ve been able to give to sales. That is our biggest KPI – how many meetings are we setting and how many of those are getting completed. So, lead quality is very important.

Also, TechTarget’s account management is awesome.

A big thank you to Jennifer for sharing some feedback with us. We look forward to hearing about more of your success in the future!

If you’re interested in sharing your TechTarget story with us, feel free to reach out to Sarah Geissler today.


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