If you build it they will come: Three steps to a content marketing plan – Step 2: Speaking

Step 2: Speaking

After defining your audience and listening to them about their paint points, you need to build content that speaks to their needs. For example – if you are in the cloud marketplace, do you know that security is the biggest concern for people considering cloud solutions? Most IT buyers feel that few vendors are addressing this, so if this is your marketplace then speak very clearly about how your solution addresses this.

With content marketing, you need to clearly map your content. This again is done in two steps. First by content types; you need to have multiple mediums you use to communicate to your audience (i.e., webcasts, white papers, videos, comparisons, demo/trials, etc). The second step is by mapping that content to the buying phase the content speaks to. Addressing an IT problem covers the awareness phase, speaking to the technical solution is the consideration phase, and giving product info is the decision phase. For a further drill down on aligning content to the correct buying phase read our latest TechTarget Media Consumption Study found here – http://techtarget.hyperactive-research.sgizmo.com

You need to make sure you have mapped out your content so you have assets that speak to all three phases of the buying cycle. Understand that only posting mid or late stage content will let your competitors frame the conversations. Be their first with the content in the earlier stages to set the conversation, follow that up with mid and late stage content to push the users through these phases. Be a thought leader, then others have to work harder to unset you as the leader. Understand that the preferences for content types change as users move through the buying phases. Speaking to your potential clients like this will attract them to your content and move them through the buying cycle naturally.

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