In face of tightening economy, online marketing spending predictions look strong…

Last week we had the opportunity to hold our second TechTarget Online ROI Summit. I am glad to report that close to 300 TechTarget IT customers/marketers attended, all eager to absorb our collective experience set related to IT online marketing as well as network with one another. In a nutshell, most technology marketers find it challenging to stay on top of ever-changing online marketing practices and look for very specific examples of what to do and not do to stage effective online campaigns and prove subsequent ROI.

As a result of surveying our attendees we learned some valuable things with a couple of key data points worth passing on to this audience…

  • Related to the tightening economy, only 56% cited marketing budget decreases due to economic conditions
  • Of those 85% cited online spending would increase

The interrelationship of these two responses begs for some interpretation so I’ll take a stab at it. Even for IT enterprises cutting back their marketing spend the majority of the budget remaining is intended to increase in favor of online investments. This may have everything to do with how truly “accountable” management has come to see the role of online, in that it is a quantifiable medium, one that can be used reliably to measure response, conversion to sales opportunities, traffic to sponsoring websites and much more. And most importantly in IT, online research is where the action is when it comes to the IT buyer’s need to use it to research and seek out solution providers during their buying process.

The steady decline of print advertising in the face of online growth further substantiates how valuable interactive “online” information sources are to buying audiences. For the marketer this should come as somewhat of a blessing in that there is a reliable medium to continue to stage major marketing efforts and promote one’s brand to IT audiences. To online publishers like TechTarget, the reality is that there is a strong future for online venues to provide advertising opportunities to marketers looking for ROI.

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