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  • Despite ONC assurance, health data interoperability issues remain

    In recent months there has been a nationwide push toward electronic healthcare systems -- specifically, EHRs and the use thereof. But despite assurance from federal entities, hospitals and healthcare providers continue to struggle with getting systems and organizations to work together. It’s called health data interoperability, and it’s widely viewed as key to the success of electronic healthcare and patient engagement.

    In this three-part guide, written by SearchHealthIT’s Shaun Sutner, we’ll figure out why interoperability has thrown healthcare providers for a loop. First, Sutner looks at patient portal technology. The patient-to-doctor communication programs -- important to electronic healthcare goals -- are throwing a wrench in interoperability efforts. Next, Sutner underlines the goals of former ONC head Karen DeSalvo. Following her keynote address at the 2014’s American Health Information Management Association Convention and Exhibit, DeSalvo said that meaningful use remains a top priority -- despite a recent push toward interoperability. Sutner finishes with some highlights from his interview with Lixin Tao, chairman of the computer science department at Pace University. Tao promotes Health Level Seven, or HL7 -- the international computer protocol for exchanging healthcare data -- for organizations struggling with interoperability issues. Continue Reading