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  • Cloud-based health management software is foundation of new HR tech

    Employers are trying health management, wellness and fitness apps, and other new HR tech tools to hold down healthcare costs and make employees happier. Continue Reading

  • Digital health coaching not here yet; human health coaches predominate

    With corporate health coaching expanding fast, human coaches are dominating the field, and autonomous digital health coaching systems are a long way off, according to one expert. Continue Reading

  • Data analytics boosts value-based reimbursement and clinical decisions

    In this issue of Pulse, SearchHealthIT's writers explore the current state of data analytics use in clinical care and peek into what the future holds. In the cover story, News Writer Kristen Lee presents a timeline of future uses of data in healthcare, starting with the current number crunching behind value-based reimbursement models. From there, the story looks at how analytics will step more firmly into the land of population health management and, later, precision medicine. Next, News and Features Writer Shaun Sutner addresses how medical informatics and analytics will continue to rely on one another, especially as patient data increases. We wrap up with an argument for caregivers and medical records software vendors to push for EHR interoperability as the path toward gaining more beneficial analytics, as noted by contributor Reda Chouffani. Continue Reading

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