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  • Value of healthcare IoT devices resides in data collection

    The future of IoT devices in healthcare facilities depends greatly on how well providers are equipped to use the patient data collected by the devices. Continue Reading

  • IoT applications in the food supply chain

    During the 2006 E. coli outbreak, it took the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention three weeks from the first report of the outbreak to announce that the culprit was spinach from a particular supplier. Had the Internet of Things been in place, however, it would have taken a lot less time to track and trace the implicated product, suggests Michael Coene, executive adviser at Booz Allen Hamilton. And this is only one example of the numerous possible IoT applications in food supply chains.

    In this issue of CIO Decisions, Senior Site Editor John Moore details the various potential IoT applications for reducing food safety problems and other issues inherent in the food supply chain. Plus, we break down how VDI technology helped one blood supply provider become more efficient, decrease blood wastage costs and potentially save more lives; sit down with the United Nations' CITO to discuss how she plans to innovate the organization's IT group and combat the dark Web; and get an organizational agility expert's take on how to successfully carry out a reorganization.

     Continue Reading

  • BI in healthcare is both appreciated and underused

    Providers can now do more than analyze past patient data with healthcare BI tools. They can possibly reduce readmissions and assign facility resources with predictive analytics. Continue Reading

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  • VDI helps Australian agency give blood

    Australia's National Blood Authority deployed VDI to improve its ability to manage blood inventory levels and improve efficiency. Continue Reading

  • Healthcare vertical market: How partners can help clients master BI

    Healthcare providers are awash in data in light of electronic health records. Partners, however, can help clients leverage their information with BI tools. Continue Reading

  • Signal boost: The importance of wireless networks in healthcare

    As physicians increasingly rely on mobile devices to access patient health information, there is increased pressure for wireless networks in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to perform seamlessly. And it's not just clinicians fueling the demand -- patients and other guests expect to remain connected with the outside world, too.

    This three-part guide explores the need for strong wireless network in healthcare facilities. First, contributor Stan Gibson takes a look at how hospitals have evolved from "wireless wastelands" into organizations that rely on constant connectivity to Wi-Fi networks. Next, columnist Trevor Strome discusses Wi-Fi challenges, and how the new 802.11ac industry standard could change things. Finally, expert Reda Chouffani offers a list of five elements that can improve wireless connectivity. Continue Reading

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