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  • Industry shifts focus to health IT interoperability

    Health information exchange has yet to meet the expectations of some healthcare professionals and regulators. The ONC has a plan to fix that. Continue Reading

  • Healthcare organizations turn attention to EHR interoperability

    Interoperability of healthcare data, long a sticking point in getting EHRs and exchanges working to their full potential, may see some big advances this year. Vendors are discussing how the cloud will help the cause, and standards developer Health Level Seven International has taken a stand for interoperability standards.

    This three-part guide explores how EHR interoperability efforts are paying off. First, healthcare IT consultant Reda Chouffani takes a look at the ONC’s plan to invest $28 million in support of the interoperability of health IT tools and data. Next, SearchHealthIT’s Shaun Sutner discusses EHR interoperability challenges with Charles Jaffe, M.D. and CEO of HL7. Chouffani closes with a rundown of challenges healthcare organizations will face as they follow the ONC’s Shared Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap. Continue Reading

  • Healthcare systems adjust view of vendor-neutral archives

    Legislative and cultural developments in recent years have forced healthcare professionals to rethink data storage. Health IT leaders, prompted by legislation such as HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act, have re-evaluated their methods of securing and accessing medical images in an effort to improve patient care. That’s no small feat, and heath IT professionals are looking to a variety of technologies to do so. Vendor-neutral archives -- systems that store from many sources and from many vendors’ systems -- seem the most viable answer, but issues with usability and the still recovering economy may stand in the way of increased adoption.

    In this three-part guide, SearchHealthIT drills down on the challenges preventing some healthcare organizations from adopting vendor-neutral archives, or VNAs, as well as their purported benefits. First, Shaun Sutner, news and feature writer, highlights the results of a SearchHealthIT survey that asked 110 health IT executives, managers and clinicians about their use of and purchase plans for VNAs and their older brethren, picture archiving and communication systems. Next, Sutner details the VNA implementation at Integris Health in Oklahoma City—with an eye toward what the health system’s journey means for the overall VNA market. In the concluding piece, consultant Reda Chouffani outlines three considerations for IT professionals looking to revisit their healthcare imaging strategies. Continue Reading

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