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  • Understand the basics of 5G wireless networks

    5G wireless networks offer enterprises a lot of intriguing possibilities. What exactly is 5G, and what has to happen before the high-speed, low-latency technology becomes a reality? Continue Reading

  • call tree

    A call tree -- sometimes referred to as a phone tree -- is a telecommunications chain for notifying specific individuals of an event. Continue Reading

  • telematics

    Telematics uses GPS and mobile devices to send and receive information that helps control remote objects, primarily in the automotive industry. Continue Reading

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  • WannaCry ransomware threat exposes enterprise security shortcomings

    Expert Rob Shapland explains how a confluence of weaknesses in enterprise security led to the WannaCry ransomware threat generating maximum devastation. Continue Reading

  • How can a smart TV security vulnerability be mitigated?

    A smart TV security vulnerability could potentially be exploited to steal the owner's data. Expert Judith Myerson explains how this works and offers tips on how to protect yourself. Continue Reading

  • Modern Mobility Innovation Awards: Four mobile projects triumph

    The Modern Mobility Innovation Awards recognize four creative and successful enterprise mobile projects. These initiatives took advantage of everything from managed services to advanced app development techniques to mobile backend as a service. Several winning projects solved the challenges of providing mobile support for legacy infrastructure systems. All of them enabled their organizations' end users and customers to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. The results were four strong enterprise mobility implementations that together represent this year's Modern Mobility Innovation Awards winners. Read the stories of each of these mobile projects in this special issue of the e-zine. Continue Reading

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