“Insider Insights”: How Behavioral Data Drives Better Inside Sales Performance

Garrett Mann
Garrett Mann

Senior Director, Corporate Communications

inside sales performanceAccording to recent research, just 24.3% of salespeople exceeded their quotas in the previous year. And despite their best efforts, we’ve found that salespeople have continued to struggle without ways to improve prioritization and personalize outreach at scale.

The reality is that as B2B buyers have evolved, inside sales teams have persisted with outdated tactics. Your team is relentlessly focused on volume-based KPIs. It focuses on individual contacts as opposed to larger buying teams. And it continues to leverage call scripts and email templates that don’t resonate with potential buyers.

Highly successfully inside sales teams find ways to leverage new sources of information to shift toward more modern techniques. In our white paper, How Inside Sales Wins with “Insider Insights”, you’ll learn how to flip the outbound script and bring inside sales performance to new levels thanks to behavioral data and verified deal information.

3 Ways Insider Insights Improve Inside Sales

When we interviewed sales leaders at 15 enterprise tech companies, we learned a lot about how successful inside sales teams are making the most of their data. Each team had its own unique tactics and strategies. But what we noticed is that improving sales conversations and driving more quality appointments came down to three fundamentals:

  • Prioritizing Active Accounts: Changing the way you prioritize accounts is often the single biggest way to transform sales productivity and maximize revenue. Instead of chasing accounts based on total revenue or perceived product fit, insider insights offer buying signals that show when an account is more likely to convert. These intent signals keep inside sales reps from wasting time making calls that would never lead to a meeting.
  • Targeting the Right People: How does your inside sales team usually make contact with target accounts? All too often, they receive massive lists of names with nothing to qualify them but some light demographic and firmographic data. It would be far more productive to identify the exact people conducting research for a purchase decision. Investing in the right behavioral data will result in direct access to active buyers and the key influencers for your most important target accounts.
  • Penetrating Active Accounts: Traditionally, inside sales teams have been lead-based and focused on cold calling. These tactics may have worked in the past, but they are proven to be less and less effective for the modern B2B buyer. Having insight into specific pain points for target accounts will make it much easier for inside sales teams to form connections and drive conversions.
inside sales performance
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There’s no denying the importance of inside sales for B2B tech organizations. But if you keep building out your team to follow the traditional outbound playbook, you can expect your competitors are, too. Taking a different approach based on insider insights is your key to using behavioral data and verified deal information to stand out from the crowd and improve inside sales performance.

The real question is how you can better build inside insights into your inside sales processes. That’s exactly what our new white paper discusses.

Download How Inside Sales Wins with “Insider Insights” for a deeper explanation of what purchase intent data can do for you when implemented properly.

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