Intelligence Driven Marketing in Austin, TX

Peter Ross

VP, Corporate Marketing

I just returned from our Online ROI Summit event in Austin yesterday where we had the opportunity to present, interact and discuss marketing strategies with many of our local customers.  The Online ROI Summit theme centered around “Intelligence Driven Marketing in a tough economy” which illustrated the importance of gaining as much insight about your customers and prospects in order to market the right message and right content around your products and solutions or you risk missing opportunities to engage these serious technology buyers in an unpredictable macro environment.

To accommodate the needs of different size marketing organizations, we provided two distinct content tracks: enterprise and SMB focused.  In our everyday interactions with our customers, we recognize the needs of a larger Fortune 500 marketing department vary greatly from that of a start-up or fast-growing company so we set out to provide content and examples that were applicable to each group.  Our customers made it clear that a one-size fits all approach wouldn’t suit their needs. For example in our SMB track we covered a lot of ground in the break-out sessions, including content marketing strategies and getting the most from your content; shared a real life customer case study of Quest Software growing dramatically from an emerging IT management software provider to being acquired by Dell; how to make every lead count and the key steps to converting more leads into opportunities.  Alternatively, in our Enterprise track we provided a depth of content around deeper audience engagement featuring examples from a Senior Dell Marketing Director; how to innovate and stand out from your competition; and how to leverage marketing intelligence to drive tighter sales and marketing alignment. Additionally, we discussed a number of intelligent prospecting tools that better identify IT deals to engage accounts and buyers.

Based on the feedback we received from attendees (and from their stream of Tweets on #TTGTSummit)  it was a very successful event: solid depth of content, good interaction between the presenters and the audience, and lots of networking discussions taking place throughout the day.  Whether you were able to attend, are interested in attending a future Summit, I wanted to share some direct feedback from some of the attendees:

  • “[The summit] changed my views on what is driving the IT buying process. [I now have] lots of great ideas about helping sales through marketing intelligence.” – Senior Channel Marketing Manager
  • “I got some good ideas and plan to take them back to my team, vendors and partners.” – Marketing Manager
  • “Great summit, lots of great insight. The closing session gave me lots of food for thought.” – Demand Generation Manager

For a first hand perspective, one of our attendees provided some very insightful color commentary on his blog titled, “Death of the 10 page white paper – Intelligence Driven Marketing,” which focuses on some of his takeaways from the sessions he attended.

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing from more of our customers throughout the year at our upcoming ROI Summit events.  Whether you attended or plan to attend one of our Summit events, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions for the type of content and sessions you would be interested in attending.  See you at the next ROI Summit.

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