Intelligence Driven Marketing Returns to the Bay Area

Chris Rudnick

Marketing Manager

Following successful events in Austin and Japan to kick-off 2014, the TechTarget ROI Summit world tour is in full swing. Since 2007, TechTarget has been hosting these summits for technology marketers to learn the latest best practices on maximizing marketing ROI, gain access into the latest IT purchasing research and network with their local technology marketing peers. We recognize the role and responsibilities of technology marketers have evolved considerably. To keep pace with this evolution, the ROI Summit has continued to  adapt to the changes in B2B tech marketing and specifically to the needs and interests of today’s technology marketer. Our next stop on the ROI Summit tour is San Francisco.

On April 17th, we will be hosting more than 100 Bay Area marketers from SMB and Enterprise technology organizations at the Marriott Waterfront in Burlingame. Compared to past ROI Summits, this half-day event will cater to the busy schedules of our attendees, ensuring they’re able to maximize their learning in the morning and return to their office after lunch to put their new found knowledge to work. What will the half-day cover?

IT Decision Makers Unplugged

Back by popular demand, we will again be connecting technology marketers with their target audience as we host a panel of Senior IT Decision Makers to shine some light on the process they go about when researching and selecting a solution for their organization. Attendees will also hear firsthand what IT Decision Makers really think of their current marketing strategies and what should be fixed in order to make it onto an IT buyer’s short-list.

Intelligence Driven Marketing

Intelligence Driven Marketing and Sales

Following the panel, we will have two sessions focused on the theme of this year’s event, “Intelligence Driven Marketing: Turning Data into Deals” . Attendees will not only see the power of intelligence but also how to adopt and leverage it in their marketing and sales efforts. First, “Creating a Sales Addiction to Marketing” will take an in-depth look at the research process by technology buying teams and tips to nurture them into true sales-ready leads. The day will conclude with “Intelligence Driven Sales: Changing the Revenue Game in 2014” . This will discuss sales intelligence and how it can be used to grow pipeline. 

Join your tech marketing peers

So if you are in the Bay Area and have a morning to spare, go to the summit’s website  and register for this free tech marketing event. Not located in the Bay Area? No worries as we will be hosting Summits in Paris, Munich, London, Boston and across APAC throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you there.

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