Is 10,000 miles really that far away?

Mike Cotoia
Mike Cotoia

Chief Executive Officer

map_apac_300I recently returned from a trip to Singapore and Sydney, Australia where I had the opportunity to meet with many of TechTarget’s clients, technology marketers just like you. We opened up direct operations in both of these incredible markets in early 2012, and have been very fortunate to see our business grow rapidly throughout the APAC region.  While it is evident that marketing strategies and tactics for  targeting technology buyers vary by region, serious technology buyers are faced with the same universal challenges no matter where they reside.  How do they build a cost effective and scalable tiered storage infrastructure?  What is the best way to build their virtualization infrastructure? Do they have the right mobile device management solution and road map within their organization?  Is a Software Defined Network (SDN) strategy the right strategy for their organization?  How do they manage their Big Data dilemma?

Over two weeks of traveling throughout Singapore and Sydney I was able to meet with 30 of TechTarget’s customers ranging from the big blue chip technology names we all know to some of the “up and comers” who are trying to expand their business within these regions.  Their customers and prospects are hungry for information that will help them throughout their research and buying process.  In fact, serious B2B technology buyers typically have completed over 60% of purchase decision research before ever engaging technology vendors, so it is crucial for technology vendors to consistently provide an “information stream” for their customers and prospects to leverage throughout the buying process.

But being able to provide a consistent information stream is a big challenge for companies, regardless of size. This can become even more challenging when marketing regionally. Specifically, the challenges I heard most were:

  • “Executing an integrated marketing campaign to the local region is extremely hard because I just don’t have enough content.”
  • ” I don’t have a good understanding of what other regions in my own company are doing for marketing programs.”
  • “We need better tools to assist our sales and marketing efforts.”

Sound familiar? Well, it should. While many in-region marketers have unique circumstances, these are challenges that many of us face, regardless of region. And it is important for technology marketers everywhere to understand that they don’t need to “recreate the wheel” all over again.

But it is not always that simple for marketers. That is where a good media partner can (and should) help you connect the dots. This is something we believe in and live by at TechTarget. Despite being recognized for building great programs, we aren’t here to simply “sell media” throughout the APAC region.  Part of our job is to provide the regional marketers with a complete picture of what the rest of their organization is doing and help leverage this information so they can easily extend (and not rebuild) their go to market strategy.  For example, by simply leveraging the content in North American (or other regions) programs along with localized editorial and custom content that TechTarget produces every day, an APAC marketing manager can effectively and efficiently build a localized program that aligns with their corporate messaging goals. And with tools to deliver deep intelligence around projects and buying teams worldwide, it is also our responsibility as a media partner to help you get the most of your opportunities in any region you market to.

I mentioned earlier that serious technology buyers are craving good content to help them make better buying decisions.  Our marketers crave the same thing – information and intelligence around buying teams so they can build better marketing plans and help sales engage with the right decision makers at the right time.  While you certainly cannot take a templated approach to marketing in APAC, it’s important to recognize there are more similarities than you think when it comes to marketing strategies and tactics.  Singapore and Sydney might be ten thousand miles away, but the goals and objectives from technology buyers and technology marketers seem to be very closely aligned!

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