It’s not about you……it’s about your customers

Sandra Nangeroni
Sandra Nangeroni

Senior Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement

Building good customer relationships takes persistence, effort and commitment.  Delivering knowledge and insight to customers is key to building and enhancing relationships. Sharing helpful tips and maintaining personal connections with clients helps make you a trusted partner and resource. Keeping your customers engaged and eager to come back is not easy and requires a good plan, effort and commitment to your relationship with them

One way to do this is to create quality face-to-face time in an environment that gets customers “out of their boxes”. Providing a venue with relevant content, interactions and key takeaways that enlighten, educate and helps them improve their performance or that of their company’s, is how we strive to engage our customers so they’ll keep coming back.


TechTarget’s Summits are all about bringing our customers together with other tech marketers to help educate and provide tips and perspectives on intelligence and best practices to be more effective in technology marketing.  Watch this quick video clip to get a sense of what happens at a TechTarget Summit.

These summits include customer case studies, expert presenters, Senior IT panelists, all sharing best practices, insights, perspectives, and recommendations that can be used in marketing strategies. Combined with that are interactive content sessions customized to different company sizes and opportunities to network with other tech marketers and experts sharing innovative ways to do digital marketing.

It’s all about giving customers what they need to help them be better at what they do.

If you are a tech marketer, please join us Oct 29th or Oct 30th at the Boston ROI Summit to get what you need!!

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    One of the biggest challenges for technical marketing professionals these days is to not only keep them engageg but also show them the value add you can bring to them especially the ROI component. We have to keep our costs as low as possible and make sure we spend the right amount of resources on the right prospects for a certain period of time. There are many companies such as and others that invest in training the marketing professionals in the engineering industry. Their techniques are focused more on professionals working around the engineering products and services.

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