Let’s Take A Closer Look at Corporate Volunteerism

How often do we really think of getting involved in volunteering from a corporate perspective? Corporate Volunteerism in the US can trace its roots back more than 25 years.  During this time, a growing number of companies have encouraged their employees to support charitable endeavors and non profit organizations through a variety of sponsored activities, events and promotions.

It is of little surprise then that corporations are increasingly engaged in volunteerism. Now, however they are refocusing their programs around their respective core business competencies to drive benefits that transcend philanthropic goals and ultimately support their bottom lines.

This shift has also allowed volunteerism to extend into largely untapped areas such as IT-based services.  The move to facilitate IT volunteerism has come thanks in large part to groups such as NPower which matches pro bono IT services through The Community Corps.  They not only match skilled IT volunteers with nonprofits in need of help, it manages the entire process allowing corporations to more effectively track each employee’s impact and contribution which is known as Soft ROI.

The ability to track, measure and manage a sponsored volunteer program successfully addresses a critical issue facing corporate volunteerism, clearing the way for IT and tech centric companies such as TechTarget to participate.

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