Live Events vs. Online Marketing: Competition or cooperation?

With online social media’s importance expanding every day and online media as TechTarget’s foundation, many people have asked why we run the TechTarget Online ROI Summit as live events.

The answer is community. In fact, that’s the same answer to the questions, why is social media important?, and why does the TechTarget network have such tightly focused websites?  Audiences need information from you and from their peers – social media and targeted collections of practical content empowers technology buyers and enables their community.

TechTarget’s ROI Consulting department engages in many conversations with the community of technology marketers through our ROI Advisory Board of select clients, Twitter, this blog, the IT Agenda research series and blog, and other communities but the live Online ROI Summit is the most social of any of these.

Search engine results, social media, and syndicated content will never replace live events. In fact, the overwhelming amount of information available online increases the value of live events for all audiences – technology marketers and technology buyers alike.  Events allow people the ability to interact and really understand the information, not just download and read by themselves in isolation from the real world – that’s community. It’s also why so many media companies are increasing their event roster recently, as Sean Callahan documented last month in Trade shows exhibit enduring appeal, BtoB Magazine.

The goals for our Online ROI Summits are to create the chance for us to talk face-to-face with technology marketers like you about what we see working, to listen to and learn from your insightful questions, and, most importantly, to help the technology marketing community grow by connecting you with your peers. Year-after-year the events have proven themselves useful to us in refining our ROI consulting practices and we continuously hear from clients that the people they meet and things they learn are invaluable in their daily marketing work.

Integration and cooperation between all the available media is your best way to build an audience community and live events are just as much of an important element today as they have ever been.

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