Long gone are the days of having to merely ‘believe’

Steve Niemiec
Steve Niemiec

SVP of Sales

The goal of B2B marketing has always stayed constant with the need and want to influence real active projects. If I think back to the days of college where I took my first Marketing 101 class, the first lecture I sat through was about the emphasis and importance of being constant and in front of the buyers of your service – the end goal of all marketing. To that end, I estimate that if you asked a pool of 100 B2B marketers if they would place their media with a partner that could quantifiably prove that they had projects that their sales team would want access to that 100% would answer with a resounding “yes.” And while new marketing techniques have come and gone and things have become more complicated in a changing B2B industry, the one constant for marketers to ensure success has always been to demonstrate impact over real projects that will equal revenue for sales. And the question I’m sure you’re asking yourself having just read the above– if only it was so easy?!

I was giving a sales presentation this week and something occurred to me. After 10+ years of PPT decks and sales pitches, flaunting audience numbers, content alignment and lots of ‘sales jockeying’, guess what? It actually IS now that easy.

To our partners that know me or customers who have witnessed a sales presentation from our sales team, our end goal and your main reason in partnering up to this point was that you had to ‘believe’ that TechTarget had projects happening across our sites. As with all partners, you take what amounts to a “leap of faith” and place your brand messaging, content, and collateral with them to hopefully engage with users that you have to believe will drive sales impact. Up to this point, you as a marketer had to act like a juror, looking back at your campaigns, piecing together all the messages or ‘evidence’ from your sales reps in order to help you ‘believe’ that any given audience offered you the ability to impact revenue.

Thankfully, those days are gone with us. We’ve taken a HUGE leap forward again and are at a fundamental turning point in online B2B marketing.  We’ve always been the leader in the B2B technology space having been the first to pioneer industry standards such as the ever so popular online lead guarantee found today.  And as groundbreaking as this was at the time, it was minuscule compared to where we are today in being able to quantifiably confirm and demonstrate live projects happening across our sites that you as a marketer want to influence.  Yes , I said it – behind the curtain of online I can now pinpoint and prove real live projects are happening that will buy your products or a competitors product.

So, if you were one of the 100 marketers that noted that you would place your media with a partner that can prove real projects are happening for influence then long gone at the days of having to ‘just believe’.  Instead, our focus need to shift to how we can increase your message so that you have a better opportunity to ‘win.’

Stop having to just believe and focus with a partner who can show you material impact.


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