Marketer misalignment #2: The IT decision maker, is there only one?

Chris Rudnick

Marketing Manager

Which is an easier, quicker and more effective way to water your lawn; a hose or a sprinkler system? The hose will generate a lot of power and pressure but only on one small area where a sprinkler will cover most, if not all, of the lawn. While it may seem odd to compare this to marketing to IT decision makers, the concept is the same; to be most effective and efficient you need to cover the entire area. However 79% of tech marketing strategies still prefer to use a single hose and focus on one area.

This is the second of a series of posts that expose the misalignments between tech marketers and IT buyers and references data from TechTarget’s latest Media Consumption Report, Marketing strategies vs. IT buyer demands. In this report, 79% of marketers indicate that they focus their efforts and develop materials for one part of the IT organization; primarily the CIO/CTO. However, is this an effective strategy? Are these the only people involved in evaluating and selecting technology products and vendors? If not, aren’t you just watering one small piece of grass while the rest of your lawn turns brown?

Sprinkler SystemIt looks like most IT professionals do not believe CIOs are the only ones to determine the best vendor and product to match their technology needs. In fact, of those who identified themselves as a decision maker, 65% were IT Manager and IT Staff. Marketers need to realize there is huge opportunity out there to influence decisions and close business through nurturing leads with titles such IT Manager, Architect, Developer, etc.

So start setting up your sprinkler system and watch your pipeline grow with IT decision makers.

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