Marketers Call into Mobile Advertising

The mobile phone industry is growing and marketers are taking advantage of this growth with mobile adverting.

In a recent Juniper Research study, they found that 30% of mobile phone users would be interested in receiving coupons through their cell phones.  Trends predict that the market will see an increase in this demand for advertising, and spending will reach $11 billion by 2011. 

While only a few retailers can actually read coupons off a cell phone, kinks can be worked out where retailers manually enter in key codes to make this effective. As retailers try to catch up to technology – there is a great opportunity for growth in mobile marketing for consumer companies but what about B2B advertisers?

B2B advertising is very different from B2C.  This blog outlines the best practices for B2B mobile email marketing.

As marketing professional, what are your thoughts and have you had any experience with mobile marketing in either the consumer or B2B markets?  Please share your comments and opinions.

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