Marketing Advice Heard at TechTarget’s Worldwide ROI Summits in Asia-Pac

marketing advice ROI Summit APACEarlier this month TechTarget’s international series of digital technology marketing events returned to APAC for the third consecutive year to dole out targeted, actionable marketing advice to technology marketers in Singapore and Sydney. You’ll have to ask the 75 marketers in Singapore and 60 in Sydney what they enjoyed best, but as I consult my notes after the event, here are a few significant pieces of advice that really stand out:

  1. Get more granular: TechTarget’s SVP Bill Crowley shared the importance of using behavioral signals to identify strong prospects and offered up hard statistics demonstrating how content relevancy improves clicks and downloads. For example, promotions that are targeted at both the sub-topic and country level, increase up to 100-200% over those that are sent to a general IT audience.
  2. marketing advice - no phoneRely less on the phone: Since 60% of the research process is completed before the typical IT buyer is ready to talk to a sales rep, we need to rethink our tele-qual strategies. According to the 2014 TechTarget APAC Buyer’s Survey, around half of technology decision-makers in the region receive at least 2 unsolicited vendor phone calls every day – even more for IT managers. They respond more favorably to email follow-up, such as links to other content or an invitation to an event. And when buyers do engage with vendor sales reps on the phone, their expectation is that those reps will be extremely knowledgeable about the product, its cost and its competition.
  3. Leverage behavioral tools: James Cooper, the manager of Citrix’s APAC lead response team, participated in a panel discussion where he outlined how TechTarget’s Activity Intelligence dashboard’s data improves his interactions with leads (and gets them to open up about their projects). Having just a little added insight into a lead’s content consumption habits can result in a far better conversation.
  4. marketing advice - dont discount value of ITDon’t discount the value of IT: Today, we often hear that line of business professionals and managers are playing an increasing role in making technology purchases. While line of business is involved in many purchases, be careful not to miss the mark with the right technology buyers – in most cases, technology purchasing is led by IT. At the summit, Bill Lichte, the CIO and head of infrastructure in Asia and Australia for investment bank Nomura, helped crystallize this as he walked us through the anatomy of an IT purchase at his organization.  In Bill’s words, it’s quite rare for any technology to be bought without his team playing a significant role in the research and decision-making process.

If you’d like more information or marketing advice on any of the above topics, don’t hesitate to connect with me. I’d be more than happy to fill you in on anything you missed or more deeply explore each of these areas.

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