Marketing integration and social convergence in Europe

Having just returned from our London and Munich Online ROI Summits and having had time to digest customer feedback, it  is obvious that our theme of “integration “ and convergence resonated well with European marketers.  Two of our discussion  points that got a lot of attention were related to lack of integration between vendors’ marketing campaigns, their  websites and  their social outreach.

I had shared research from our latest Media Consumption study showing how frequently IT vendors will look to a vendor site for additional information and backed this up by showing a video of an IT panelist commenting during our Boston Summit on the subject of integration as it relates to vendor websites. The IT pro remarked that it was so obvious to him  that IT marketers tried especially hard to be “on message” with all their online marketing efforts and that many a time they have succeeded in attracting him to their websites. He went on to explain that unfortunately once he landed on their home page there is no reference back to the very content or message that got him there in the first place. He and the other two panelists enumerated the many times they have been confused, if not annoyed, by lack of direction given to them once in vendor territory. So the point I tried to drive home was to think about how to truly integrate the website and to take this as an opportunity to  incorporate social elements on the landing page as well.

In general, IT marketers are challenged in figuring out how to build a social strategy that’s converged with their other go to market activities and this is a good beginning. When IT prospects land on your page driven from a third party environment like TechTarget or as a result of your own push-out efforts, greet them with an online chat representative, surround them with social invites like your own LinkedIn or Twitter groups, or introduce them to experts on your page that can continue a digital conversation with them about the very subject or product that they came to check-out in the first place. This way you are extending the social aspect of your campaign and making your website work harder.

I appreciated that many of our Summit attendees, amongst other things, appreciated the need to get on board with social practices that complete the “integration” of their campaigns. Referenced here is one of many that demonstrated that point came across loud and clear….

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