Mobile Marketing: Another weapon for your B2B arsenal

In the summer of 2010, Forrester Research estimated that B2B mobile marketing spend would increase from $26MM in 2009 to $106MM by 2014. Although not a large number relative to overall marketing budgets, it still shows a quadrupling for this particular segment.

Obviously B2B marketers recognize a value in this medium. In a Q&A, Cisco’s Digital Marketing Manager, Zoe Sands, sees this as an “untapped opportunity” for B2B efforts.  Companies like Citrix, IBM and HP have dipped their toes in the mobile marketing water, however the jury is still out on how it works and if it works in B2B efforts.

In 10 Marketing Predictions for 2011, found that “Recent industry reports … have revealed that consumers are showing a greater inclination towards receiving mobile advertising and marketing messages.” In addition, an IBM Survey of 30K consumers found that 86% want to use technology for shopping, stating that mobility is the biggest reason why.

The interest is there, and B2B marketers need to include this as part of an overall marketing mix. As it increases reach by offering a medium that is fast becoming the method of choice for researching and decision-making, marketers just need to figure out the best way to use this very personal medium.

How does mobile marketing fit in with your overall marketing goals, or does it?

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