TechTarget News - Week of Mar 17, 2019

Veeam’s business soars in APAC, acquisitions on the cards

The backup, recovery and data management hotshot expects to grow its APAC business by about 40% this year, with an eye on acquisitions in adjacent market segments

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Another busy few days in the personnel departments across the channel with some fresh faces arriving

Department of Health considers overhaul of screening IT

Modernisation intended to address high-profile failures in national screening services will be informed by an investigation on the topic to be published next month

Build in trust, experts advise cyber innovators

Trust will be increasingly important in the digital era, and is therefore a key component of new products and services, experts have told cyber security innovators

Facebook unveils data center overhaul at OCP 2019

Facebook's two-year data center overhaul, discussed at OCP 2019, included two new switches: the Facebook-designed Minipack and the 7368X4 developed jointly with Arista.

How is tape backup doing in 2019?

Industry experts say tape isn't going away and the technology is actually improving. The problem, they say, is vendors aren't talking enough about this 'old-school' backup method.

Softcat expanding customer base

First half numbers from the channel player indicate that a strategy to widen the customer base is delivering

NatWest launches business virtual account platform

Features supported by a new system enable corporate customers to manage and segregate money, and are part of a wider digital transformation plan to enhance customer experience

Cisco enhances Webex Assistant with AI meeting, call controls

Cisco added new capabilities to the Webex Assistant that should make it easier to place calls and join meetings. The vendor plans to roll out additional AI features later this year.

Firms urged to protect against spear phishing

Spear phishing attacks are sophisticated, targeted, costly and increasing in popularity among cyber attackers, a report warns

Cohesity plans to put backup data to good use

Cohesity’s DataPlatform now makes use of previously dormant backup data with analytics to provide business value and to tackle threats such as ransomware

More than half of EU firms report cyber attack losses

More than half of European firms admit business disruption and data loss due to cyber attacks in the past 24 months, with UK firms among the most targeted, a survey shows

Norsk Hydro confirms ransomware attack

A Norwegian aluminium producer has confirmed a ransomware attack is affecting several areas of its business, forcing it to switch to manual operations

Critical WinRAR bug exploited in targeted attacks

A critical WinRAR bug that was exposed after 19 years is already being exploited in targeted attacks in the Middle East and United States, despite the availability of patch.

Bobbie Stempfley: Cybersecurity AI has a long way to go

Many cybersecurity vendors have embraced AI and machine learning, but CERT Division's Bobbie Stempfley says more work is needed around testing algorithms and validating results.

Expansions to VMware Cloud on AWS continue hybrid cloud push

Wider availability of VMware Cloud on AWS to 13 worldwide regions, along with VMware's adjusted software release cadence, reflects the realities of the cloud and hybrid cloud world.

Tableau-VoiceBase deal brings speech analytics data to users

Tableau's partnership with AI speech analytics vendor VoiceBase enables users both inside and outside of the contact center to easily derive insights from speech analytics data.

Government launches investigation into AI bias

Advisory body will look at how systems that support decision-making may have inherent algorithmic biases that need to be taken into account

How D+1 keeps payroll woes at bay

The Singapore-based F&B business behind the Yolé frozen yogurt chain has consolidated its payroll data into a single database powered by Unit4’s HR management system

UK government organisations’ email security lagging

Email security in UK government organisations is lagging far behind that of central government, analysis reveals, with less than a third implementing standard protection

Network Homes signs Hyperoptic broadband deal

Expansion of Hyperoptic’s ultrafast network targets 20,000 properties in London and the south east

UK cyber experts to support global company boards

A consortium of UK cyber security experts and academics is to support multinational company boards to tackle online threats and protect against cyber crime

IBM demos quantum leap in artificial intelligence

Working with MIT and Oxford university, the researchers have looked at how quantum computing can accelerate data classification in machine learning

SAP's vision for full SuccessFactors HCM-Qualtrics integration could take years

SuccessFactors HCM customers have access to workplace data that gives them a sense for what's happening, such as an employee exit. The recently acquired Qualtrics tech could help reveal why something is happening, but SAP's vision for a complete integration of the two products will take time.

Pivot3 to target Azure, Google clouds and enhance AI/ML

Hyper-converged infrastructure maker Pivot3 plans to extend backup for its appliance clusters to additional public clouds and optimise service levels across storage tiers and cache

Polycom Trio integrates with Alexa for Business

Poly, the new name for the merger of Plantronics and Polycom, has added Alexa for Business to voice-activate meetings on the Polycom Trio conference room phone.

Dell EMC VxBlock 1000 mixes in Unity hybrid, Data Domain

Ten years later, VCE is gone, EMC is part of Dell and Vblocks have become VxBlocks. But the early converged infrastructure stack is still going, with new products coming online.

Fuze and Samsung partner to bring mobile UCaaS to the frontline

Mobile UCaaS is the focus of Fuze and Samsung's new partnership. The providers are working to expand the use of collaborative communications for remote and customer-facing industries.

Experts praise Norsk Hydro cyberattack response

Aluminum manufacturer Norsk Hydro was hit with ransomware that forced a switch to manual operations. The company's incident response has experts impressed.

New Mirai malware variant targets enterprise devices

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks have spotted a new variant of the Mirai botnet that is targeting enterprise presentation systems and digital signage with 11 new exploits.

Spike in cyber attacks targeting Cisco Webex

Cyber attacks targeting a leading web conference tool have increased dramatically and sextortion is becoming more popular with attackers, according to WatchGuard Technologies

Australian firms grapple with business-IT gap

The growing chasm between business and IT has hit Australia more than other countries, according to a study on the state of digital transformation initiatives

GDS and Cabinet Office admit to over-optimism over Verify

The system's architects blamed failures to deliver the objectives set out in the original business plan on the slow pace of digital transformation across government at a Public Accounts Committee session this week

Pure Storage AIRI trains FlashBlade NAS at hyperscalers

Pure Storage teams with Nvidia and Cisco to bring out FlashBlade with Hyperscale AIRI, extending its AIRI partnership with Nvidia, while introducing Pure-Cisco FlashStack for AI.

AWS Direct Connect tiers address planned network spikes

AWS Direct Connect pivots toward higher bandwidth requirements and cuts prices on lower tiers to handle customers' seasonal workload peaks and make AWS stickier overall.

Windows Virtual Desktop enters public preview

The highly anticipated release of Windows Virtual Desktop will provide a cloud-based desktop and app virtualization service, integrated with Office 365 ProPlus and built on Azure.

Interview: How the DWP Dojo innovates

Juan Villamil, director of enterprise infrastructure and production operations at DWP Digital, discusses how the Department for Work and Pensions tests out new tech ideas

Enterprises are adopting UEM technology -- but slowly

The bigger the company, the more challenging it will be to migrate to a UEM system. But, according to Gartner's Chris Silva, the move is a necessary one.

Everbridge Crisis Management unifies communication, response

Everbridge has launched an application that provides organizations the ability to manage a critical event throughout its lifecycle through a dynamic dashboard.

XenData backup packages Wasabi in new cloud product

A new cloud service lets customers put XenData backup on Wasabi's cloud, making a cheap option for active archiving by taking advantage of Wasabi's lack of egress fees.

Atlassian, AgileCraft join to scale Agile development

With its acquisition of AgileCraft, Atlassian aims to help developers work better together, but also scale their Agile practices across an entire enterprise.

CMS focuses on post-acute care settings in interoperability quest

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services turns to healthcare players for input on promoting EHR adoption in post-acute care settings. But greater adoption may not mean greater interoperability, according to one expert.

Government cyber security strategy is ‘chaotic’

Responding to potential threats at a national level is unfeasible given the time ministers are currently dedicating to Brexit negotiations, says shadow Cabinet Office minister

London launches open data cultural map

The collated data on the capital's cultural locations is hoped to support local authorities, property developers and associations develop existing clusters and build creative infrastructure

GDPR has not solved data protection problems

Industry research reveals the problems that customers are having using and protecting their data ten months after GDPR came into force

Tech sector steams ahead in face of Brexit

Salaries and hiring in the UK have remained stagnant since the announcement the UK would be leaving the EU, but the tech sector has not followed this trend

Arcserve increasing top tier support

Data protection specialist's EMEA channel boss is looking to renegerise the partner base and work more closely with those that have been in its corner

Manchester City Council CIO steps down

In a return to the private sector, Bob Brown joins healthcare technology firm EMIS as chief solutions officer

Chris Wysopal talks blockchain hype and realistic uses

While marketers ride the hype train around blockchain, Chris Wysopal says there are realistic uses for the technology. And there are blockchain risks that need to be considered, as well.

UK government at odds over Huawei threat

The chair of the Science and Technology Committee has criticised the government’s vague response to concerns about Huawei’s activities in the UK

At Dell Technologies World, Dell will put its stamp on EMC

Dell EMC storage has taken on more of a 'Dell' feel over the past year, thanks in part to reliance on PowerEdge Servers and spinning out Pivotal Software into a public company.

SoftNAS Cloud users get security fix for vulnerability

SoftNAS says a web server and load balancer component it added to strengthen security for its Cloud NAS actually could enable unauthorized access to the web admin interface.

All change: What can suppliers and IT buyers expect from G-Cloud 11?

The government is set to start accepting applications for the next iteration of G-Cloud from 25 March, but will it be more of the same or radical change for suppliers and public sector IT buyers this time around?

Digital Darwinism unkind to those who wait, says Palo Alto

As business-driven digital transformation, including the move to cloud, continues apace, companies need to rethink their approach to how they deploy and consume security, or risk being left behind

Google Cloud taps into VMware vRealize for hybrid deployments

Google Cloud is now tied into VMware vRealize through a plug-in that enables users to manage on-premises VMware workloads alongside cloud services such as Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL from Google Cloud.

AWS DCX Competency vets cloud customer experience partners

The AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency for content management, e-commerce, service and marketing automation certifies partners for infrastructure and security to create cloud CX.

Robotic process automation market set for service shake-up

As process discovery tools enter the robotic process automation market, RPA consultants and service providers can expect their project roles to change; other news from the week.

Hundreds of millions of Facebook passwords exposed internally

Facebook learned three months ago that hundreds of millions of passwords were stored internally in plaintext, but it didn't disclose the issue or notify users until the news leaked.

Study reveals sale of SSL/TLS certificates on dark web

Security researchers discovered the availability of SSL/TLS certificates for sale on the dark web, which allow cybercriminals to disguise their malicious activity as legitimate.

Oracle's Java 12 adds developer productivity features

The latest version of the Java Platform, Standard Edition, delivers new features to make developers more productive with the Java programming language.

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