TechTarget News - Week of Apr 21, 2019

IoT device testing made possible with BeStorm X

BeStorm X, a black-box fuzzer by Beyond Security and Ubiquitous AI, tests IoT devices to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities before they're exploited.

BlackBerry Messenger to shut down, paid version available

The original encrypted BBM app will no longer be available as of May 31 as BlackBerry and Emtek go their separate ways, though the subscription enterprise version is now available.

Marcus 'MalwareTech' Hutchins pleads guilty to Kronos charges

Marcus 'MalwareTech' Hutchins, known as being an integral player in stopping the WannaCry ransomware outbreak, pleads guilty to conspiring to create and distribute the Kronos banking Trojan.

APAC set for blockchain boom

Led by China, spending on blockchain technology in Asia-Pacific excluding Japan will surpass $2bn by 2022

M2 fully merges into SCC

The managed print operation that SCC acquired five years ago will now be merged into the core business

Open doors at Huawei in China as it mounts defence

Computer Weekly was on a recent UK press tour of Huawei’s new campus in Dongguan, China. The company is opening up as it faces US criticism for alleged complicity with China’s security apparatus

Casual collaboration comms pose security risk, survey shows

UK employees have a worryingly casual attitude to workplace communications, underling the need for employers to take steps to counter related cyber attack vulnerabilities

Digital court system reaches first key milestones

The platform rolled out at Crown Courts in England and Wales a year ago has increased speed and efficiency of online citizen services and saved 100 million sheets of paper so far

Cumulus NetQ aimed at broader enterprise market

Cumulus Networks has revamped Cumulus NetQ. The latest version of the network troubleshooting and change validation software is aimed at a larger segment of the enterprise market.

Global intelligence agencies share UK stage for first time

Representatives of intelligence agencies from the Five Eyes alliance are to share a public platform in the UK for the first time at this year’s NCSC CyberUK conference

SAP Q1 2019 results: 400 more S/4 Hana sign-ups, €1.5bn in cloud

SAP’s first-quarter 2019 financial results indicate cloud revenue at 26% of total, and 400 new customers for S/4 Hana. Senior executive losses, restructure and Qualtrix acquisition cost bite into profit

NCSC to scale up intelligence sharing, says GCHQ director

The GCHQ director has outlined the agency’s cyber security mission in the third decade of the internet age at CyberUK, promising to scale up the sharing of declassified cyber intelligence with industry

CDP vs. DMP: Vendors battle for marketers' budgets

Customer data platforms and data management platforms have overlapping features, as vendors vie for marketers' IT budgets. It may not matter, as Adobe and Salesforce join Oracle in the game.

CDP Institute releases customer data platform certification

While waiting for Salesforce to release a customer data platform and for Adobe to perfect its newly released CDP, RealCDP certification aspires to validate CDPs available today.

Carbanak source code found on VirusTotal 2 years ago

The source code for the Carbanak backdoor was found in a VirusTotal archive two years ago, and security researchers are now sharing the analysis of the source code publicly.

Slack integration links chats and email

A new Slack integration will give users the ability to receive and reply to Slack chats through email, which remains a cornerstone of enterprise communications.

Flashpoint responds to evolving dark web threats

Cybersecurity firm Flashpoint updated its threat intelligence platform to better address evolving techniques and practices on the dark web, such as encrypted chat usage.

Huawei sharpens AI edge in global cloud move

Chinese tech giant is honing its artificial intelligence capabilities to compete against rivals in global cloud computing markets

NCSC looks to industry to scale Active Cyber Defence

The national cyber security agency is calling on wider government organisations as well as industry to help scale automated cyber attack blocking systems country-wide

Cabinet Office addresses 5G security issue

Cabinet Office uses NCSC conference to lay out government’s approach to the security of 5G networks, as controversy grows around using equipment from Chinese supplier Huawei

No final decision taken on Huawei 5G ban, government claims

Culture secretary tells MPs that a final decision on use of Huawei in UK 5G networks has not been taken, and says government is taking the leak of confidential discussions at the National Security Council very seriously

KCOM heading into private ownership

Telco specialist indicates it is supporting an offer from a large pension fund player to take the business into private hands

Cabinet Office seeks chief digital information officer

The newly created role will sit within the Government Digital Service and lead a 630-strong reporting function for digital, data and technology strategy

European Union to create central biometrics database

New rules will see the introduction of a repository of personal data from hundreds of millions of citizens to support law enforcement across member states

NCSC and ICO pledge to support data breach victims

The UK’s cyber security agency and privacy watchdog have agreed to work together to improve support for data breach victims and enhance cyber guidance

Public becoming more aware of privacy abuses and unethical tech

Widespread abuses of privacy, biometric information and artificial intelligence mean the internet is in poor health, but growing popular awareness of its problems gives some cause for hope, says the Mozilla Foundation

Digital shopping endangers retail employment

A shift towards online shopping and digital retail technologies has led to a decrease in investment in retail employment

How EHT's black hole image data is stored and protected

The Event Horizon Telescope team had to find a way to capture, store, process and back up petabytes of radio signal data to create the world's first black hole image.

Pica8 Nymble provides branch network automation

Pica8's second branch product provides network automation and provisioning. But the jury is out on whether Pica8 Nymble can compete with offerings from established vendors.

Lightbits Labs soups up NVMe fabric with all-flash SuperSSD

Startup Lightbits Labs prepares for an NVMe-over-TCP push, with a storage array designed for AI and cloud applications that uses its LightOS software and proprietary accelerator cards.

MongoDB buys Realm database to boost mobile chops

MongoDB is buying Realm, the maker of an open source database for cross-platform mobile applications, to boost its Atlas cloud platform and Stitch backend as a service.

Slack-Zoom partnership takes on Cisco, Microsoft

The new Slack-Zoom partnership will focus on advancing Zoom calling and meetings in Slack, potentially making the collaboration app a stronger rival to Cisco and Microsoft.

Slack Workflow Builder enables no-code customization

Slack Workflow Builder gives users templates for creating automated messages and forms in Slack. The product launched in beta this week.

Experian credits incident management tool for IT efficiency

When Experian deployed xMatters, the IT landscape was very different. But the incident management tool's adaptability kept it useful through shifts in tech trends.

GDPR cases drive bigger budgets for Nordic regulators

High-profile General Data Protection Regulation cases in Finland and Sweden have increased the workload for regulators, which are to receive an increase in funding

Huawei leak inquiry launched

Cabinet secretary Mark Sedwill has instituted an inquiry aimed at discovering who leaked confidential discussions about UK mobile operators’ use of Huawei in their future 5G networks to the press

Top lessons from cyber attacks

Cyber security experts weigh in on lessons learned from cyber attack experiences, underlining that recovery capability is as important as defence

Carbanak malware was recording video of victims' desktops

Researchers from FireEye spent hundreds of hours analyzing the Carbanak backdoor malware and its source code and were surprised by some of the features it contained.

Acronis Cyber Platform APIs to spark new channel business

Acronis aims to broaden the services and product integrations available to its partners, thanks to new developer APIs for the Acronis Cyber Platform; other news from the week.

FBI report says BEC attacks are increasing, evolving

According to the FBI's 2018 Internet Crime Report, business email compromise attacks are on the rise. Security experts highlight how BEC scams are evolving.

Facebook faces fresh privacy actions from regulators

Facebook faces legal action from Canada after it dismissed regulators’ findings that it failed to protect customer privacy. The firm has set aside $5bn to settle a privacy action in the US and faces a new investigation in Ireland

NetBeans Java IDE becomes top-level Apache project

The NetBeans Java development environment has achieved top-level project status at the Apache Software Foundation, a leading open source software project hosting organization.

Elsevier, PhactMI to develop MI semantic search platform

Health analytics company Elsevier is collaborating with nonprofit PhactMI to develop an Entellect-powered semantic search portal for healthcare professionals.

Slack revenues show enterprise growth ahead of public listing

Slack revenue reached $400 million in fiscal 2019, with 575 large businesses contributing 40% of the total. The startup will begin selling stock publicly later this year.

Salesforce pitches Einstein for HR AI use

Salesforce is trying to gain HR's interest in the prediction services added to its Einstein platform. The vendor says it's not trying to become an AI systems provider, but it sees opportunity in HR.

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