TechTarget News - Week of May 19, 2019

ICO to support GDPR certification schemes

The UK data protection watchdog is accepting enquiries from organisations considering developing GDPR certification schemes, which the ICO says could help recipients achieve competitive advantage

Google cuts off Huawei from Android ecosystem

Google decision follows an executive order signed by President Trump, but Huawei insists US businesses and consumers will be the real losers

GDPR an opportunity to improve data systems and processes

A year after the official implementation of the GDPR, it is important to highlight the positive opportunities that compliance provides and the insights breach reports are providing, say Deloitte consultants

Red Hat storage shifts focus to OpenShift, hybrid cloud, HCI

Red Hat changes focus from selling stand-alone Ceph and Gluster products to promoting storage technologies designed for OpenShift, hybrid cloud and hyper-convergence deployments.

Lloyds Bank creates 500 IT roles in Scotland

New recruits will support banking group’s digital transformation as it aims to give customers “Google-like experiences”

DCMS shakes up BDUK with new rural full-fibre scheme

The Rural Gigabit Connectivity programme will run for two years, trialling a new model for full-fibre broadband delivery – meanwhile, BDUK is getting a new name

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Another week and there has been plenty of personnel movement across the channel with some senior channel appointments being made

Lumina launches Radiance, a data risk management platform

In an effort to prevent data loss, Lumina launched Radiance, a SaaS data risk management platform. It collects and analyzes data to help prevent risks and threats.

StorageCraft president talks of modernizing DR

StorageCraft President Douglas Brockett sees a future in which disaster recovery software is used to help customers flexibly migrate data to where it's most cost-efficient.

Sparkcentral virtual agent framework blends AI, live agents

Bring Your Own Bot, Sparkcentral's virtual agent framework for chatbots, blends live agent and virtual agent assistance to augment the customer experience.

Exascale computing, now at $2.8B, described as critical to U.S.

The race to build exascale supercomputers is a project of big governments -- China, Japan, the European Union and the U.S. Initial systems are planned in the 2020 to 2021 time frame.

UK leads in government AI readiness

The UK is one of the best placed in the world to take advantage of related technologies for public service delivery, according to a study

Planned UK age verification checks risky for internet users

Proposed controversial online age verification checks could increase the risk of identity theft and other cyber crimes, warn security experts, who advise parents to set technological boundaries and ensure their families are aware of risks

Middle East Interview: Dubai-based Fetchr

Delivery app Fetchr is spreading across the Middle East with its mobile-to-mobile delivery service. We talk to its founder

Printer hardware sales suffer Q1 dip

The industry always suffers a slow start to the year and 2019 has been no different according to analysis from Context

Employee experience gets top billing at Citrix Synergy

Citrix details upgrades to Workspace and unveils a new DaaS product called Managed Desktops, as well as a new integration with Google Cloud at its annual user conference.

US grants Huawei stay of execution

US Commerce Department temporarily restores Huawei’s ability to maintain its existing networks and smartphone user base

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 resurrects AR for Google

At $999, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for businesses promises better performance, battery life, camera quality and style than its consumer-focused 2013 edition.

Pegasystems acquires In The Chat digital messaging platform

Pegasystems' recent acquisition of the digital messaging platform In The Chat brings Pega customers new communication channels and improves AI chatbot capabilities.

Customers get a peek at future Extreme Networks products

Extreme Connect attendees got a peek at the company's product roadmap. Upcoming Extreme Networks products include an IoT device profiler and online application store.

GKE, Azure roll out Windows Kubernetes support

Cloud service providers rolled out Windows Kubernetes support this week, which may take some of the burden of Linux container management requirements out of the hands of Microsoft-only shops.

Enterprises anticipate IT ops benefits from GitOps

Infrastructure as code, configuration as code, security as code -- enterprise SREs set their sights on everything as code in pursuit of GitOps efficiency.

Singapore proposes data portability provisions

The Personal Data Protection Commission is seeking public feedback on proposed provisions that will let consumers move their personal data across organisations

Gothenburg – a hotbed for early startups

Sweden’s second-largest city is by no means the biggest startup hub in the Nordic region, but its global reach is a distinct advantage

TalkTalk admits new failings in 2015 data breach notification

TalkTalk’s failure to notify all those affected by its 2015 data breach highlights the importance of data visibility so that breach notifications are fast and accurate – a key requirement of the GDPR

SMEs increasing looking to MSPs

Datto's latest State of the MSP report paints a picture of a market in rude health that is enjoying an expanding customer base and widening service offerings

Box workflow automation software, Box Relay, overhauled

Content management software vendor Box makes over Box Relay, integrating the workflow automation system more fully into the Box platform and boosting workflow self-service.

Repp Health launches new patient tracking system

Repp Health launched a patient tracking system called Repp Eo, which uses a map interface to show the location and movements of patients, staff and assets.

Tintri by DDN storage customers unsure of roadmap

After buying Tintri in 2018, DataDirect Networks moved to rebuild the VM storage vendor's engineering. But customers claim DDN hasn't communicated product roadmap plans.

Google, Informatica deepen ties around big data in the cloud

Google and Informatica have expanded their partnership and product integrations as enterprise customers seek to move large data sets into the cloud for processing and analytics.

Improved HR security may be why W-2 scams are down

HR's focus on better securing employee data may be working. In its annual data breach investigations report, Verizon found a dramatic decrease in the number of W-2 scam reports.

Latest Tableau BI software update upgrades map technology

Tableau Software has released Tableau 2019.2, an update to previous BI software. It includes upgrades to location data, new vector maps and other requested upgrades.

Portworx focuses on protecting container apps

The Portworx PX-Enterprise 2.2 storage software update adds single-command backup of container-based data and Kubernetes resources to S3-based object storage.

Apple's 8-core MacBook Pro is Apple's fastest laptop yet

Apple introduced its newly updated 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros, including Apple's first 8-core laptop, that are up to twice as fast as previous models, according to the vendor.

DevSecOps evolution changes the game for IT ops

A DevSecOps shift and a move to public cloud have precipitated a sea change in what's expected of IT ops pros at a mobile video on-demand company.

Salesforce outage exposes Pardot marketing automation data

Salesforce's 15-hour outage may not scare away users. But it might get them to use more encryption, as the outage exposed customer marketing automation data in the GDPR era.

Police shut down Bestmixer bitcoin laundering service

The Bestmixer cryptocurrency laundering service has been shut down by Dutch anti-fraud police with support from Europol after a tip off by cyber security researchers at McAfee, significantly disrupting cyber criminal money flows

VMware CEO outlines laws of hybrid cloud

Pat Gelsinger points out three laws that will make the case for the hybrid cloud future: economics, physics and data sovereignty

Lapse in LinkedIn security certificate update

A lapse in the update of LinkedIn’s security certificate has once again underlined the importance of keeping track to avoid disruptions and phishing attacks, and how even big players are failing to get it right

IBM’s investment in automation pays off in GDPR’s first year

The first year of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation has demonstrated the value of IBM’s investment in machine learning-based automation and the importance of having the right strategy and systems in place, according to the firm’s data protection officer

Zerto CEO: 'Zero downtime is new normal'

Zerto CEO says you should have zero tolerance for downtime, and the convergence of disaster recovery, backup, data migration and other processes need not complicate matters.

Verint launches VOC software, gathers omnichannel feedback

Verint has launched Verint Unified VoC, which provides organizations with a full, accurate view of customer desires and preferences, according to the vendor.

Citrix Managed Desktops simplifies cloud desktop delivery

Citrix announces its new Managed Desktops service to unburden IT administrators by helping manage the back-end infrastructure during the provisioning process.

'BlueKeep' Windows Remote Desktop flaw gets PoC exploits

Multiple researchers created proof-of-concept exploits, including remote code execution attacks, targeting the recently patched Windows Remote Desktop flaw called BlueKeep.

Salesforce consultants get bigger AppExchange spotlight

Changes to AppExchange will highlight consulting firms within the Salesforce partner ecosystem. Additions include a consultant finder and new analytics tools.

Arm China seeks solutions to US export controls with Huawei

Chip design firm in communication with Huawei-owned semiconductor firm HiSilicon following US move to halt exports of US technology to Chinese tech giant

No real change a year into GDPR, says privacy expert

A year after the GDPR compliance deadline, many organisations still have a lot of work to do to make real changes and shift focus away from fines to business value and gain, says PwC’s GDPR and data protection lead

Effect of GDPR yet to be felt, says law firm Hogan Lovells

Despite the fact that the GDPR has been in full effect for a year, the true effect of the regulation is yet to be felt and organisations should ensure they keep their eye on the ball, says leading privacy law firm

Salesforce reaches out to ISV community

The firm has made changes to its app platform to arm ISVs with more information about how their software performs

Customers struggling with cloud security

Research from Claranet has revealed that many customers are finding it difficult to find the in-house resources to handle cloud security issues

NHS Digital launches GP IT Futures tender

New framework aims to simplify IT provision for surgeries and create a competitive systems marketplace for primary care

Citrix Workspace update resonates with Synergy attendees

Attendees at Citrix Synergy walked away from the opening keynote excited about the capabilities of the new Workspace. The new version is underpinned by micro apps and AI for a more seamless workflow.

GDPR: Are we there yet?

A full year since the General Data Protection Regulation was implemented, there has not been the severe punitive action expected by many and personal data breaches continue to happen, leaving many wondering if any progress has been made

Barracuda Advanced Bot Protection safeguards web applications

Advanced Bot Protection is a cloud-hosted platform that defends against automated threats using AI. It is available as both a web application firewall (WAF) and WAF as a service.

Huawei ban will hasten its retreat from U.S. suppliers

The Huawei ban will spur a faster retreat from U.S. suppliers, as the Chinese tech company invests more in its manufacturing plants and adds non-U.S. partners, analysts said.

HR struggles to improve workforce experience

Improving employee experience, productivity and overall employee well-being are top priorities for HR managers, but they are difficult to achieve, according to the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report.

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