TechTarget News - Week of Aug 04, 2019

Most UK university applicants at risk of email fraud

The majority of hundreds of thousands of applicants to UK universities are at risk of email fraud before and after A-level results day, due to a failure to implement full Dmarc protection, a study reveals

DDoS on the rise, warns Kaspersky

Security researchers at Kaspersky are among those warning business that, more than ever, mitigation of distributed denial of service attacks needs to be a key element of cyber defence strategies

New features added to Juniper Networks security platform

New features include containerized firewalls and the incorporation of SecIntel into MX Series routers as part of Juniper Networks' effort to provide security throughout a network.

Capital One hack highlights SSRF concerns for AWS

Infosec pros warn of server-side request forgery vulnerabilities in AWS following the Capital One data breach, which may have revealed an issue regarding the AWS metadata service.

Google database portfolio to include 3 new additions

Google Cloud Platform is now offering Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server in alpha, federated queries from BigQuery to Cloud SQL and expansion of Elastic Cloud to Japan and Sydney.

New Citrix COO talks future of Citrix services

In his first public interview as Citrix's first COO, Mark Schmitz discusses what the company's priorities are and how he hopes to grow their subscription products.

Most UK firms lack confidence in disaster recovery

Only a third of UK firms are confident in their ability to recover from cyber attacks and other disasters, with business continuity still relatively low on the agenda, a study reveals

HPE buys MapR assets to fuel AI applications

Longtime independent big data vendor MapR goes out of business, selling technology and intellectual property to HPE. The move marks the continuing decline of the Hadoop market.

LogicHub introduces automation updates to its SOAR platform

Security vendor LogicHub introduced new features to its SOAR platform that intend to automate tedious threat detection and response processes and save security teams time.

African bank foils suspected North Korean cyber attack

An African bank is among the financial institutions to be targeted by North Korea’s multi-billion dollar cyber theft campaign to support its weapons programmes

IBM-Red Hat juggernaut seeks to boost multi-cloud deployments

IBM and Red Hat executives believe they are well positioned to capture a generous share of shops yet to implement hybrid clouds. Some analysts say that is easier said than done.

CX product changes on tap at Salesforce, LogMeIn, Adobe

CX products to watch for the rest of 2019: Adobe's planned CDP offering, Salesforce features from the Tableau acquisition and LogMeIn's AI-powered agent-assist tools.

Aysling launches new vendor management software

Vendor Management is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses manage their vendors and vendors' employees. It lets users track payments, store files, see invoices and more.

Amazon's PartiQL query language eyes all data sources

PartiQL, a multisource query language developed internally at Amazon, is now open sourced under Apache 2.0, and may benefit enterprises with complex data-management needs.

Twilio Conversations, SendGrid Ads broaden cloud CX platform

Twilio extends its customer communications platform to support MMS, SMS and WhatsApp chat, as well as to support ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Oracle Generation 2 cloud service to debut in Australia

The Sydney Generation 2 cloud region will be delivered from a new datacentre to meet demand for Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and autonomous database services in Australia

Industry collaborates to patch SwapGS CPU vulnerability

Newly disclosed SwapGS vulnerability in modern processors has been patched in Windows, Linux and ChromeOS, underlining the importance of keeping systems up to date

Higher margin business helps Insight in Q2

Channel player might have seen sales remain flat but the CEO is remaining confident about the prospects for the second half

Cisco to acquire Voicea for AI voice transcription in Webex

Cisco plans to acquire Voicea in order to integrate its AI voice transcription engine with Webex. Many competing video conferencing vendors support integrations with the startup.

Digital transformation leadership a problem for users

NTT research has highlighted issues around the expertise of those leading digital transformation efforts and Kyocera has highlighted the need to concentrate on people as well as technology

FireEye identifies dual nature Chinese cyber threat group

Security researchers have identified a China-based cyber threat group engaged in state-spored espionage in parallel with cyber criminal activities targeting multiple industries worldwide

HPE acquires MapR storage layer for AI, containers

MapR storage technology gets a new lease on life from HPE, which plans to integrate the AI data management features with recently acquired BlueData container-as-a-service platform.

Itential adds new network automation tool to portfolio

Automation Gateway is a new stand-alone application within the Itential Automation Platform architecture. It aims to integrate existing automation and transform scripts into APIs.

Rackspace Service Blocks has its roots in APAC

Rackspace’s new managed services model that lets enterprises choose services based on where they are in their cloud adoption journey was conceived in the Asia-Pacific region

Black Hat 2019 keynote: Software teams must own security

In the keynote for Black Hat 2019, Square's Dino Dai Zovi emphasizes security as a collaborative effort by all software teams that relies on communication, automation and feedback.

Openreach starts roll-out of dark fibre product

Openreach is soft-launching a wholesale dark fibre product in eastern England ahead of a wider national roll-out

Can you trust pen-testers?

Pen-testers have knowingly posted security workarounds on the public internet that are now commonly used by hackers

Ebuyer exposes business theft risks

CCTV resellers will be using the information that has come out of a Freedom of Information request to underline the importance of physical security

Cyber criminals hijacking legitimate website comms

Criminals are exploiting firms’ use of online feedback methods to distribute spam and phishing emails, security researchers warn

Elastic Stack 7.3 adds new features to expand data analysis

Elastic Stack, in a new update, adds data frames capabilities to enable new forms of analysis, as well as integrating more data sources that can be searched and analyzed.

Ransomware a continued threat to business, report warns

Businesses are increasingly becoming the most popular targets for ransomware, which remains a top cyber threat around the world, especially in the US, a report reveals

Updates available for Lifesize video conferencing platform

New Lifesize updates include screen sharing in the mobile app, integration with G Suite and Office 365 calendars in the web and desktop apps, and new administrative controls.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 tailored for hybrid, multi-clouds

Red Hat released RHEL version 7.7 with features that make it easier to marry its legacy systems with the latest cloud-native applications, while urging users to move to RHEL 8.

VMware HCX updates aim to simplify workload migration

The latest version of VMware HCX was designed to simplify workload migration and includes non-vSphere to vSphere migration and large-scale bulk migration.

Citrix Managed Desktops close to GA release

Citrix Managed Desktops, which will be released Aug. 26, is meant to make managing desktops for IT easier by having Citrix control the management aspects of virtual desktops.

Pyramid sees opportunity in staying an independent BI company

As competitors merge forces, Pyramid Analytics not only chooses to stay independent but also sees an opportunity to grow into the space left behind by the wave of consolidation.

NCC Group warns of security risks of leading printers

Researchers uncover more than 35 vulnerabilities in six leading enterprise printers, many of which could allow access to corporate networks, underlining the need to counter security risks of embedded systems

Huawei mobile IoT OS ready to plug Android gap

Huawei is positioning its microkernel-based, distributed HarmonyOS mobile operating system as a true competitor to both Android and iOS

F-Secure warns of F5 Big IP-related security issue

F-Secure has discovered security issues relating to an F5 device that it says could potentially turn hundreds of thousands of load balancers into beachheads for cyber attacks

Deal boosts MicroStrategy platform's foray into government

Through its new deal with ImmixGroup, a distributor of enterprise software to the public sector, MicroStrategy aims to increase sales of its BI platform to government agencies.

Entuity is latest Park Place Technologies acquisition

The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but Park Place Technologies hopes to make Entuity a key component of its multivendor service delivery model.

Google age discrimination lawsuit may force HR changes

Discrimination lawsuits can seek broad changes to HR operations, as was the case for Google. That settlement could be a template for how federal courts respond going forward.

McAfee warns of serious security flaw in building controller

Security researchers have demonstrated how simple flaws in building controllers could allow malicious actors to manipulate control systems with devastating effect, highlighting the importance of operational technology security

Broadcom-Symantec deal troubles cybersecurity experts

Broadcom laid down a $10.7 billion bet in buying Symantec's enterprise security software. While some are optimistic, security experts predict another Intel-McAfee deal.

IBM interprets machine models with AI Explainability kit

IBM's open source AI Explainability 360 toolkit packages algorithms and training examples to help humans better understand the decision-making process of machine learning models.

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