TechTarget News - Week of Aug 18, 2019

Three launches UK’s third 5G network

Mobile operator Three has switched on its 5G service, but for now it will only be available as a home broadband service

How EDR is moving beyond the endpoint

An emerging breed of detection and response offerings is going beyond endpoints to collect and decipher telemetry data from across the enterprise

IT Lab acquires Mirus IT

Managed services player with a focus on Microsoft takes revenues past the £75m mark with a move to pick up Mirus

Q2 shows ransomware proliferation, Kaspersky warns

Ransomware modifications have more than doubled in the past year, the number of ransomware families has grown, and the number of attempted infections is up nearly 50%

Lack of U.S. cryptocurrency regulation invites risk

Daniel Allen explains how a lack of U.S. cryptocurrency regulation increases exploitation vulnerabilities, and shares his ideas for implementing regulatory oversight.

LivePerson Inc. adds new capabilities to Maven AI

Maven AI's updates are aimed at enabling new conversational commerce use cases. The new capabilities include Maven Assist, Maven AI-Powered Routing and Maven Developer APIs.

UK financial account takeovers up, report warns

Commercial cyber criminal services are helping to drive up the number of account takeovers, a fraud report for the first half of the year shows

Australian firm to debut smart cricket ball

With the cloud-connected ball and machine learning, amateur cricket players will soon be able to analyse their bowls and improve their game

Myriota and Optus sign deal on IoT connectivity

Myriota and Optus Business will leverage each other’s connectivity and network footprint to help Australia’s industries connect up internet of things sensors in remote areas

Buyers think SD-WAN is too expensive and complicated

Building and maintaining an SD-WAN is perceived as a complicated endeavour, and the industry’s messages are not getting through, says a new report

Malware still top security threat, say infosec pros

Malware remains the top security threat to organisations, with ransomware still considered to be the top malware threat and lack of budget the biggest obstacle to defence, a study shows

Sky launches first ultrafast broadband products

Ultrafast full-fibre broadband products are 12 times faster than Sky’s previous fastest offering and will be immediately within reach of two million homes

Evergage launches Data Warehouse, a BI analytics product

Data Warehouse, Evergage's new BI analytics product, is designed to collect and analyze customer data in an effort to provide more information and analysis to business analysts.

KNOB attack puts all Bluetooth devices at risk

Security researchers discovered a way to force Bluetooth devices to use easy-to-crack encryption keys, which could lead to man-in-the-middle attacks and information leaks.

Latest Oracle layoffs gut flash storage division

Oracle laid off much of the division that built and maintained its FS1 All Flash Storage Array this week. Analysts expect the company’s storage focus will be on Exadata and cloud options.

Microsoft gains instant Java credibility with jClarity buy

Microsoft has acquired jClarity to help optimize its Azure cloud platform to run Java workloads, a coveted target for the now open source-friendly software giant.

Silence APT group eyes APAC banks

Russian-speaking advanced persistent threat group has set its sights on banks in the region, customising its arsenal for targeted attacks

Transport and logistics transformation driven by data

Growth in data connectivity and the adoption of technologies such as robotic process automation are fuelling a tech revolution in transport and logistics

Security concerns blocking UK digital transformation

The majority of UK firms are holding off adopting new, more efficient and cost effective technology because they are failing to see cyber security as a driver of strategic value, report reveals

Healthcare faces triple cyber threat, says FireEye

Criminal and nation-state cyber attackers are increasingly targeting the healthcare industry to steal data, carry out espionage and cause disruption, a report reveals

Inside Facebook’s engineering culture

An open and transparent culture that encourages developers to take risks and assume the best intent of co-workers has been the defining character of Facebook’s engineering organisation

UK tech sector sees surge in foreign investment

The latest data suggests the UK tech sector is on track for its best year ever, with the potential to attract up to $11bn in investment by the end of the year

Box aims to shield businesses from data loss threat

Box has introduced an add-in to its cloud-based collaboration platform to lock down and monitor access to files and folders

New end-to-end NetApp NVMe product announced

NetApp's new EF600 series delivers 2 million sustained IOPS, response times under 100 microseconds and 44 GBps of throughput designed to give enterprises faster insights.

Tintri by DDN, Nexenta collaboration bears first fruits

Tintri and Nexenta were acquired in separate transactions by DDN. The Nexenta software-defined storage provides shared file services on Tintri VMware-focused VMstore block arrays.

Big Switch updates its Cloud-First Networking portfolio

Big Switch Networks' new products and features aim to help solve issues such as lack of operational consistency, visibility and management in hybrid environments, and shadow IT.

IBM Power chip instruction set now open source

IBM opened up its Power server Instruction Set Architecture allowing the open source community to develop more innovative hardware components for IBM's Power servers.

Summer the ideal time to talk about data protection plans

As customers enjoy a slower pace of life over the summer holidays those in the channel with security and storage expertise could be using that time for valuable checks and training

Almost 40% of UK tech talent resides in London bubble

Despite cities around the UK being home to a multitude of tech talent, the London bubble still prevails, with a majority of those with digital skills collecting in the capital

Tech firms join forces to boost cloud security

Top tech firms are to collaborate on open source technologies, tools, frameworks and standards that accelerate the adoption of confidential computing to boost security in cloud and edge computing

5G testbed brings Li-Fi broadband to Orkney

A number of homes on the remote island of Graemsay in the Orkneys are testing so-called Li-Fi technology as a broadband delivery mechanism

Businesses must replace cloud Skype phones by 2023

Skype phones won't connect to Microsoft Teams after July 2023. The vendor has advised customers to begin planning an upgrade to new devices certified for Teams.

Box Shield adds tighter controls for content sharing

New Box security features enable file- and folder-level access control, while admins and security staff get machine-learning tools to discover and investigate anomalous activity.

ArangoDB 3.5 update improves multi-model database platform

ArangoDB 3.5 accelerates its database platform with improved query performance and enhanced data security capabilities, as market demand for multi-model platforms builds.

Splunk pricing worries some users amid SignalFx monitoring buy

Splunk wants to collect more data via SignalFx, but some users wonder how much it will cost to keep up with the proliferation of logs and metrics in the age of cloud monitoring.

New Everbridge CEO talks education, NC4 acquisition

Every company needs to be ready to respond in the event of a crisis. Everbridge's new CEO details why that's important and what a proper platform entails.

Consortium taps Linux group, IT vendors to encrypt data in use

The Confidential Computing Consortium mobilizes hardware vendors, cloud providers, developers and open source experts with the Linux Foundation to find ways to secure data in use.

Shakeup in the Infor leadership tree

Charles Phillips moved from Infor CEO to become chairman of the board of directors. He has been replaced by CFO Kevin Samuelson. Analysts believe recent revenue results may be behind the moves.

SAP Product Content Hub underpins CX initiatives in C/4HANA

SAP SaaS tool integrates AI, APIs for pushing updated product content to e-commerce sites. It also gives sales, marketing and service teams using C/4HANA access to the content.

Istio service mesh hits OpenShift GA, but upgrades are slow

Istio service mesh, Kiali and Jaeger are generally available for Red Hat OpenShift 4, but it will be some time before users are ready for the latest version of the platform.

Channel advice: How to spend the holiday weeks

Staff might be coming and going topping up their tans but there is still plenty that the channel can do both internally and crucially externally with customers

Majority of organisations struggling with cloud security

The majority of organisations find securing the cloud difficult and more than a quarter feel the shared security responsibility model is unclear, according to a survey of information security professionals

Acronis automates '3-2-1' rule for small business backup

Acronis True Image 2020 improved its small business backup capabilities with simultaneous replication to local storage and the cloud, automating the '3-2-1' backup rule.

Iran says it's building an AI supercomputer, despite sanctions

In a tweet, Iran said it is building a new supercomputer. Other nations are doing the same because high performance computing platforms lend themselves to AI development.

Success of healthcare APIs hinges on data safety, patient awareness

Healthcare APIs took a front seat during ONC's recent forum in Washington D.C. Panelists and healthcare experts outlined issues such as lack of patient awareness that could affect usage.

Cisco adds UC headset management to IT console

Cisco is accelerating its push into the UC headset market with the release of new analytics and management tools for IT administrators.

Managed services companies remain hot M&A ticket

The pace of merger and acquisition transactions in the MSP market shows no signs of slowing, despite macroeconomic developments; more news from the week.

DARPA unveils first SSITH prototype to mitigate hardware flaws

DARPA is still in the early prototype stages of its SSITH program, but the aim is to develop an open source chip able to block hardware attacks and reduce the need for software patches.

VMware-Pivotal deal confirmed at $2.7 billion -- what's next?

VMware will plunk down $2.7 billion for Pivotal in a deal that has hallmarks of a family reunion, but could help drive a broader strategy in cloud infrastructure and application development.

Carbon Black acquisition bolsters VMware's security play

VMware announced an agreement to acquire endpoint security vendor Carbon Black in an effort to boost its cloud security offerings; the all-cash deal is valued at $2.1 billion.

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