TechTarget News - Week of Apr 10, 2022

APAC enterprises are reducing their datacentre footprint

Enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region are moving from their own datacentres into co-location facilities to reduce cost, improve efficiency and lower their carbon footprint

Raspberry Pi Foundation ditches default username policy

Raspberry Pi owners will no longer be able to use the default ‘pi’ username, as the Raspberry Pi Foundation clamps down on insecure practices

Vodafone extends 5G network across UK

Latest part of Vodafone network modernisation programme to improve the 4G and 5G experience while retiring 3G networks sees next-generation mobile infrastructure deployed in towns and cities across the UK

Open source CMS platform Directus patches XSS bug

A stored cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Directus platform could have enabled malicious actors to gain access to valuable data

Border IT system fixed after 10-day outage

Post-Brexit border IT system failure fixed after going down at the start of April, allowing traders to once again file customs documents electronically rather than by hand

Amazon unexpectedly renews employee monitoring debate

Amazon is reportedly considering an employee monitoring tool that would block certain words, such as 'robots.' It may never happen, the company said, but it has spurred debate.

Apple Security Bounty improves, but problems remain

Security researchers told SearchSecurity that Apple Security Bounty improved its communication earlier this year, which had been a key issue for participants.

Perforce acquires Puppet for infrastructure as code

Puppet execs had previously targeted an IPO for the company but opted for 'Plan B' in the deal, which primarily focuses on its infrastructure-as-code and compliance tools.

Nexsan brings NVMe storage to SMBs

Nexsan Unity NV10000 storage array helps NVMe storage become more mainstream by making the interface accessible to smaller companies.

PC shipments slow, but the market remains strong

IDC reported that global PC shipments fell by 5% in the first three months, but vendors still shipped more than 80 million units for the seventh consecutive quarter.

Singapore to start licensing cyber security service providers

Those providing penetration testing and SOC services will need to apply for a licence under a new licensing regime that is expected to safeguard consumer interests and improve service standards

Clumio adds DynamoDB to backup-as-a-service portfolio

The number of AWS databases protected by Clumio grows with the addition of Amazon DynamoDB, providing air-gapped backups and more granular restorations for users.

Atlassian cloud outage could take weeks to resolve

As Atlassian's cloud outage neared the one-week mark, the company informed affected customers that it could take up to another two weeks to fully recover.

Netomnia, YouFibre secure further funding for fibre roll-out

As it works towards its target of a million premises passed in the next two years, growing altnet and ISP partner secure significant cash injection to support rapid scaling of multi-gigabit fibre broadband network

StorageMap charts Datadobi's data management ambitions

StorageMap, new software from Datadobi, changes the vendor's focus from data migration and protection to a complete data management offering for on-premises and cloud storage.

'CRM Analytics' Salesforce's new name for Tableau CRM

Salesforce refreshes the sales analytics package formerly known as Einstein Analytics by adding CRM-native features, a Slack app and vertical-specific integrations.

Box unveils Canvas cloud content collaboration tools

Box Canvas, a new set of collaboration tools, takes on the new era of work where some employees are remote and some are in the office -- but they all need to work together.

Infragistics targets better data-driven decision-making

The vendor released Slingshot, a new platform that brings analytics, collaboration, a data catalog and project management capabilities into one environment.

Multiple arrests made in RaidForums takedown

A Portuguese national and a 21-year-old man from Croydon are among a number of individuals arrested ahead of the closure of RaidForums by police

Arcion brings change data capture platform to the cloud

Getting data out of one system and into another in the right format as quickly as possible is a challenge the Arcion Cloud service is aiming to address for organizations.

Law enforcement takedowns continue with RaidForums seizure

The hacker forum, which used to sell and purchase sensitive information including login credentials, has been dismantled, and its alleged founder was arrested and indicted.

Synopsys: Enterprises struggling with open source software

To curb open source risk, Synopsys advises enterprises to keep a comprehensive inventory of all software within its environment and to understand that securing open source requires strong management.

Infor execs tout ERP SaaS growth, industry functionality

Infor experienced strong revenue growth in 2021, particularly for SaaS bookings, and the ERP vendor believes its deep industry functionality will spur more cloud migrations.

Ukraine energy grid hit by Russian Industroyer2 malware

The 2016 malware known as 'Industroyer' has resurfaced in a new series of targeted attacks against industrial controller hardware at a Ukraine power company.

Microsoft plugs Windows zero-day on April Patch Tuesday

Microsoft issues corrections for 117 unique vulnerabilities this month with a significant number of security updates resolving printer spooler and DNS server problems.

More ANZ organisations warm to DevSecOps

About four in 10 organisations in Australia and New Zealand are undertaking the transition to development, security and operations, while a further 36% plan to do so in 2022, study finds

MSPs remain ransomware targets

ConnectWise Threat Report reveals the extent to which managed service providers are in the crosshairs of criminals

Alef announces mobile enterprise network in 60 minutes without 5G

Mobile network-as-a-service provider claims a new category in wireless networking, allowing enterprises to create a private mobile network inside a firewall within an hour without 5G or knowledge of 3GPP standards

Microsoft patches two zero-days, 10 critical bugs

Patch Tuesday is here once again. This month, security teams must fix two privilege escalation zero-days in the Windows Common Log File System Driver and the Windows User Profile Service

UK 5G nets ready for gaming explosion

Research reveals UK gamers are ready for a ‘post-console’ future, enabled by 5G connectivity, cloud and the metaverse

Zoom launches AI tool for sales departments

Zoom's AI insights help sales teams by analyzing video call transcripts for information to determine the next step in negotiations with prospective customers.

Microsoft dismantles ZLoader botnet

Microsoft and ESET security teams explained how they were able to identify and dismantle the command and control infrastructure of the notorious ZLoader malware network.

Paychex's new time clock uses two touchless biometrics

Time clock systems may be moving away from finger or palm prints to touchless systems. Paychex released a biometric time clock with two touchless systems, iris and face scans.

Hybrid work catching on in India

More tech workers in India now enjoy flexi-work arrangements and higher salaries, but talent retention remains an issue in the subcontinent, study finds

Zhadnost DDoS botnet deployed against Finland

A coordinated DDoS attack hit two government ministries in Finland at the same time as Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a virtual address to the Finnish parliament

Openreach accelerates UK full-fibre build

BT broadband provision division claims significant milestone in its full-fibre build programme, revealing it is more than a quarter of the way to reaching 25 million homes by December 2026

Lack of expertise hurting UK government’s cyber preparedness

UK government bodies and critical infrastructure owners cite a lack of staff resources, and internal and external expertise, as hampering factors when it comes to cyber readiness, according to a report

Zoom unveils platform innovations to elevate customer experience

Breakout videoconferencing leader announces conversation intelligence service and enhances online events offering, with aim to modernise how businesses engage with customers

US government, security vendors warn of new ICS malware

As attacks on critical infrastructure increase, experts warn that threat actors have developed new malware designed to take control of ICS and SCADA systems in the energy sector.

How Cerebras CS-2 update stands up to competitors' offerings

The AI vendor's update now includes tighter support for PyTorch and TensorFlow. Focused on complex deep learning applications, Cerebras competes with Microsoft Azure and Nvidia.

XenData's X100 provides 100-plus PB active archive

XenData's X100 brings an active archive to market that's designed to target the explosive growth in unstructured data, such as customers in media and entertainment.

Critical Windows RPC vulnerability raises alarm

Security experts warn that a newly disclosed vulnerability in a critical Windows networking component is opening the door for remote takeover attacks.

Marketing to Gen Z takes new tech, channels, strategies

Gen Z consumers will change the world. Savvy, nimble brands know to give them digital platforms for sharing their values as corporate America catches up to their worldview.

Corvus: Ransomware costs, ransom payments declining

Cyber insurance provider Corvus examined how the cost of ransomware attacks declined over the past year and a half and what it means for different industries moving forward.

Microsoft responds to cloud antitrust complaints

Microsoft has drawn antitrust scrutiny for rules that make it more expensive to run Windows and Office on rivals' clouds. The company promised a fix but has provided no details.

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