TechTarget News - Week of May 01, 2022

Dell Apex now offers managed cyber recovery service

Dell Technologies releases a new managed cyber recovery service as part of its Apex portfolio and other cloud disaster recovery products, including a debut on Microsoft Azure.

Starlink coverage can make remote work very remote

The internet coverage from Starlink satellites can enable remote work just about anywhere, but user experience is not perfect and some cite dropouts during video calls.

Dell adds cyber cloud protection to Apex

Vendor continues to build out capabilities of its as-a-service portfolio with more support for those worried about data in multi-cloud environments

Channel round-up: Who’s gone where?

A fresh CEO at Daisy Group is among the personnel changes announced in the first few days of May

Storage OSes get spotlight at Dell Tech World

Dell storage software superseded any hardware news at the vendor's annual user show, highlighting cybersecurity and emphasizing its commitment to Project Alpine.

Atlassian cloud outage postmortem seeks to build back trust

A detailed post-incident analysis of Atlassian's cloud outage last month is prompting both the vendor and its customers to revise and expand their resiliency plans.

April ransomware attacks slam US universities

April's ransomware attacks were highlighted by several universities and colleges in the U.S. reporting attacks, plus a possible data breach at one of the world's largest beverage companies.

IBM spruces up iSeries with cloud app dev tools

IBM's new version of the iSeries OS is tightly integrated with OpenShift and includes new tools to help iSeries developers modernize legacy apps for the cloud.

RCE vulnerabilities found in Avaya, Aruba network switches

Armis told SearchSecurity that depending on device model, it was 'not too hard to develop an exploit' for the Avaya and Aruba flaws, heightening concern for administrators.

Dell to ship all-NVMe version of VxRail for Project Monterey

Dell plans to ship an all-NVMe version of VxRail that will be the first hyper-converged system to work with VMware's Project Monterey, scheduled for release this summer.

GitHub Desktop 3.0 gets lukewarm reception

GitHub Desktop 3.0 introduces tools that make it easier for software developers to stay up to date with code changes. Some developers, though, are calling for more features.

Winnti threat group rides again with IP theft campaign

A Chinese cyberespionage campaign, dubbed 'Operation CuckooBees' by Cybereason, went unnoticed for years as spies siphoned off intellectual property from companies.

Inside UnaBiz’s bid for Sigfox

Singapore-based UnaBiz has made a successful bid for the French low-power wide area network technology supplier, in a deal that will advance its vision of a unified IoT world

Samsung serves DISH for 5G Open RAN roll-out

Networks division of electronics giant selected by US operator for the deployment of open 5G network solutions based on virtual and open radio access network technology to play an integral role in Smart 5G Network development

Dell wants to open up walled gardens with Project Alpine

Dell executives believe users will find the forthcoming cloud storage services of Project Alpine as a way to break down the walls between Dell and the hyperscalers.

Almost 2,000 5G cities globally at end of 2021

Research shows 23 live open radio access network deployments and 24 standalone 5G networks in addition to almost 2,000 cities in the world having a next-generation mobile network

Coveware: Double-extortion ransomware attacks fell in Q1

Coveware said double-extortion ransomware may be replaced with 'big shame ransomware,' in which an attacker threatens to leak sensitive data without encrypting it.

Cal Poly Pomona pursues digital student experience

The public university's digital experience initiative, which builds upon its use of ServiceNow, aims to help students focus on their education rather than administrative tasks.

TeamViewer's AiStudio: AI is the next evolution for AR

Frontline's new add-on enables enterprises to train models for image and object recognition. The system can detect shop floor warning signs and other safety problems.

Dell cuts data center redundancy for SMC Corporation

SMC Corporation eliminates data center redundancy using Dell Technologies storage and HCI products to develop a private cloud for the global company.

How PB Traffic is preventing traffic light theft

New Zealand’s PB Traffic has deployed an IoT-based tracking system to gain oversight of its portable traffic light systems and prevent theft

CyrusOne hits climate-neutral datacentre targets in Europe

US colocation giant CyrusOne has published its latest sustainability report, which hails progress in making its global datacentre operations climate-neutral and water-positive

Domino Data Lab releases latest MLOps platform update

Domino 5.2 includes new features for data scientists to find the best model development environment and use Snowflake by automating model deployment to Snowflake's Data Cloud.

CIOs need to balance tech with business sustainability

As CIOs consider new technologies to help reach business sustainability goals, investors also want to see the right governance in place when it comes to climate risk management.

Worldwide remote jobs market may globalize hiring

The outlook for worldwide remote job opportunities is creating an opportunity for startup Oyster, which enables overseas hiring. It reached $1 billion valuation in two years.

Video conferencing found to harm worker creativity

Research shows video conferencing curbs the creation of new ideas, so managers should also schedule in-person brainstorming sessions.

SentinelOne finds high-severity flaws in Avast, AVG

The Avast and AVG vulnerabilities, which have been patched, went undiscovered for 10 years and potentially impact millions of devices, according to SentinelOne.

IT infrastructure used to launch DDoS attack on Russian targets

Organisations could unwittingly be participating in hostile activity against the Russian government as compromised IT infrastructure is used without their knowledge to launch denial of service attacks

John Lewis to hire more than 150 tech workers

As the retail group continues its drive to digitise, the John Lewis Partnership is aiming to hire more than 150 tech workers

Interview: Success in Belgium’s high-tech job market

Veteran executive recruiter shares his perspective on the Belgian job market, both for outsiders seeking work in the country and for young Belgian nationals just beginning their careers

UK digital markets regulator to be given statutory powers

Digital Markets Unit will be put on statutory footing by UK government to ensure technology giants do not abuse market power, but announcement comes with no clear indication of when legislation will be introduced

Demand for no-code due to developer shortage, pandemic

In this Q&A, Quickbase CEO Ed Jennings shares his thoughts on the developer shortage, the no-code platform's growth and his plans to 'open up the world' for citizen developers.

Cryptocurrency mixer sanctioned over Lazarus Group ties

North Korea's Lazarus Group is accused of stealing more than $600 million in the Axie Infinity hack and laundering a chunk through the mixing service.

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