TechTarget News - Week of Jun 30, 2019

The Great Eastern way to digital transformation

Regional insurance company Great Eastern has rolled out a new digital platform to better serve customers while morphing its DNA from the inside out

Ofcom to make switching mobile operators easier

The often fraught process of switching mobile network operators will become easier for end-users as new Ofcom regulations come into force

Huge jump in cyber incidents reported by finance sector

The number of cyber incidents reported by financial services firms increased nearly 12-fold in 2018 from 2017, mainly due to third-party failures, highlighting several key areas that need improvement

Amazon rolls out Business Prime offering

Etailer continues to enhance the offering for commercial customers with the addition of Business Prime

NTT picks London for newly formed global business

NTT says unifying its various units under one umbrella and basing it in London will help it take full advantage of both its clients’ demands for joined up digital services, and the capital’s booming tech economy

ScanSource snaps up intY

The deal gives ScanSource access to intY's CASCADE cloud platform to strengthen its portfolio

Symantec gearing up for future cyber security

Symantec is focusing on enabling businesses to secure data in the cloud after a string of acquisitions, but it also has its eye on the future, which will be all about empowering people, says CTO Hugh Thompson

IAM market evolves, but at a cost

At a recent security and identity conference, attendees discussed the IAM market in clear terms: Shiny new features might be cool, but practicality reigns.

New Serendipity Labs streaming platform LINC launches

Serendipity Labs launched LINC to provide its users a virtual way to reach a global audience on any device through video streaming and content distribution.

Microsoft OneDrive Personal Vault aims to secure online files

Nervous about putting your most sensitive or important files in the cloud? Microsoft's answer is an added layer of security for OneDrive users called Personal Vault.

Elastic SIEM woos enterprises with cost savings

Elastic SIEM gains interest from former Splunk users, with the promise of cost savings and the prospect of centralized security analytics and IT monitoring data repositories.

Few UK firms are cyber insured despite financial losses

More than one-fifth of UK firms have been impacted financially by cyber attacks, yet potentially more than three-quarters of companies polled have never been insured for cyber-related losses

Singapore to beef up police tech capabilities

Singapore government singles out biometrics, data analytics and digital forensics as promising areas to boost crime-fighting efforts

Watchdog urges biometrics regulation in policing

The annual report from the biometrics commissioner warns that lack of clear laws on the application of the technologies could further undermine privacy and citizen trust

Orvibo data leak puts security spotlight on IoT back end

The security of devices that make up the internet of things (IoT) is a top concern for many in the industry, but leaks from an IoT database highlights the importance of back-end security too

Details on Slack outage scarce

The Slack outage on Friday was the app's fifth significant connectivity incident of 2019. The company is so far declining to go into detail on its cause.

Canalys: Demand for Security as a Service increasing

An analysis of Q1 from the research house has indicated that hosted offerings are growing at much faster rate than traditional hardware and software sales

Open source machine learning accelerates winemaking

Using open source machine learning, Palmaz Vineyards developed a tool to automatically alert winemakers of environmental conditions. Soon, the data flowed like wine.

UK consumers still concerned about personal data security

Most UK consumers are still concerned about the security of their personal data, indicating that organisations need to do more to gain consumer trust, such as implementing biometric controls

Phishing-as-a-service threats abusing cloud services

According to new research, phishing kit providers are increasingly using popular cloud services to host their malicious links in an effort to conceal them from detection.

Kubernetes security tool gives IT a leg up on DevSecOps

An emerging real estate firm tasked with DevSecOps sought an assist from startup Alcide, which bakes Kubernetes security best practices into its software.

Languishing Vexata storage gets bailed out by StorCentric

Roll-up company StorCentric expands its storage holdings with Vexata storage arrays for NVMe flash. The Vexata deal follows the June acquisition of backup software vendor Retrospect.

Hootsuite teams up with Yext for online review management

Yext's management platform for businesses' online reviews is now available in the Hootsuite dashboard, following an integration between the two companies.

Huawei ban may be loosened, but details unclear

President Donald Trump promised to loosen trade restrictions on Huawei, while respecting national security concerns, but the details of the changes are still unclear.

APAC firms in developed markets warm up to cloud ERP

A majority of large enterprises in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore are planning to move their financial applications to the cloud within a year

Top VPNs secretly owned by Chinese firms

Nearly a third of top VPNs are secretly owned by Chinese companies, while other owners are based in countries with weak or no privacy laws, potentially putting users at risk, security researchers warn

Aryaka looking at two-tier model

SD-WAN specialist is keen to sign up distribution partners in the UK before the end of the year

RavenDB Cloud automates database management

RavenDB's managed cloud database service, RavenDB Cloud, intends to automate security processes, reduce overhead and cater to businesses of all sizes.

Why PSD2 adoption in the Netherlands is lagging behind

The Netherlands appears to be falling behind in open banking, even though the Dutch are digitally proficient and are often early adopters of new technology. What is going on?

Criteria for success in AI: Industry best practices

Is it useful to study how companies outside of your industry are applying AI? Experts from Shell, Uber and Fellow Robots believe so. Read about their criteria for success in AI.

BT and Openreach told to be more transparent over split

Ofcom’s latest monitoring report on the changing relationship between BT and Openreach finds room for improvement, but is mostly positive

Vodafone switches on 5G mobile network

The UK’s longest-standing mobile operator, Vodafone, has officially turned on its 5G mobile network at an event in London, and reintroduced unlimited data packages for users as it looks to shake up the market

Sodin ransomware exploiting Windows zero-day, Kaspersky warns

Security researchers are warning that a recently discovered type of ransomware is now exploiting a zero-day Windows vulnerability, and does not require user interaction to trigger an infection

Scality Ring upgrade targets hybrid cloud data management

Scality Ring8 file and object storage adds Zenko cloud data orchestration -- called Extended Data Management (XDM) -- but for now that feature is a separate software installation.

FTC settles lawsuit over D-Link security claims

D-Link settled a U.S. Federal Trade Commission lawsuit, which alleged the company failed to take basic steps to address security flaws and weaknesses in its products.

The biggest 2020 workforce issue may be Medicare for all

Adoption of universal healthcare, or Medicare-for-all-type plans, may make retaining employees and recruiting a lot harder, according to Dan Schawbel, research director at Future Workplace.

U.S. Cybercom warns Outlook vulnerability under attack

U.S. Cybercom issued an alert about active exploitation of a 2-year-old Microsoft Outlook flaw, and experts say an Iranian threat group is behind the attacks.

APAC experts weigh in on cyber security trends

The onslaught of cyber attacks being reported each day has been a wake-up call, but experts say businesses need to be mindful of the limitations of certain security measures

Email still top security vulnerability, survey shows

Email is still the top security vulnerability, a survey shows, but security researchers caution that switching to instant messaging is not necessarily a solution in the longer term

FireEye ties Microsoft Outlook exploit to Iranian hackers

US Cyber Command has issued a warning that a patched Microsoft Outlook vulnerability is being exploited by unnamed threat actors, and recommended immediate patching

Over half a million homes now using full-fibre as access improves

Ofcom’s latest Communications Market Report examines key trends in the UK’s broadband and mobile market, and finds that access to faster broadband is expanding rapidly across all delivery mechanisms

GDS signs agreement with Polish counterpart

The memorandum of understanding is aimed at boosting trade and technology development opportunities between the UK and Poland

Longer-term tech investment must support policing reform

Investment in technologies such as facial recognition and artificial intelligence should be introduced to tackle compromises to public safety levels, says report

Security and privacy key to smart buildings and cities

Security and privacy capabilities are essential for stakeholders if they are to realise the benefits of smart buildings and cities, says expert whitepaper

Retail driving spending in CX market

There have been examples of the channel gaining customer experience expertise in the past few weeks and no wonder given the IDC growth forecasts for the technology

Armor Cloud Security bets future on channel partners

Armor Cloud Security has retooled its go-to-market strategy and partner program to appeal to cloud consultants, MSPs, MSSPs and resellers; other news from the week.

NHSX announces key senior appointments

NHS England chief clinical information officer Simon Eccles will take over as deputy chief executive of NHSX, while technology advisor Hadley Beeman will step in as acting chief technology officer of the new unit

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