TechTarget News - Week of Oct 20, 2019

Australia government moots cloud marketplace

The Digital Transformation Agency is planning a cloud marketplace for Australian government agencies to acquire a broader range of cloud services through a new procurement model

SAP cloud revenue boosted by Microsoft deal

New contract with Microsoft will see Azure become the preferred hosting platform for ECC to SAP S/4 Hana cloud migrations

Commvault customers lukewarm on Metallic and Hedvig

Customers at Commvault Go said they were having trouble coming up with reasons for adopting Metallic SaaS backup or Hedvig software-defined storage until they hear more details.

Alleged state hackers adapting to cover their tracks, says NCSC

A group called Turla with suspected links to the Russian government stole Iranian tools and infrastructure to obscure the origins of attacks on multiple other countries, according to new evidence

Asset sharing essential to making 5G RAN affordable

Rethink Technology finds that upfront cost containment has been the number one priority for cellular operators in the first stage of 5G deployment, and that three main tactics have been used to achieve this ambition

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Another busy seven days with some more arrivals that have been hand picked for their abilities to bring growth

Equifax lawsuit offers more evidence against passwords

Equifax’s internal security policies were a mess and directly led to one of the largest recorded data breaches in history, according to a lawsuit, demonstrating fundamental insecurities inherent in the use of passwords

Open source database use is a growing trend

Study shows that more users are using open source software for data management, with most organizations using more than one technology to help meet different needs.

Sophos acquisition bid presents potential growth, peril

Private equity firm Thoma Bravo made an offer to acquire Sophos for approximately $3.9 billion. Analysts discuss what the deal might mean for the endpoint security vendor.

APAC spending on AI systems to hit $6.2bn in 2019

Led by China and organisations in the banking industry, APAC spending on artificial intelligence is set to grow by almost 64% this year, according to IDC

Attacker hit VPN firm Avast through its VPN

Avast has published details of how attackers attempted to gain access to its network over a five month period

Malware volumes decline, but risks are higher

More insidious and targeted strains of malware are going after high-quality targets, rather than a large volume of targets

NordVPN blames datacentre provider for server breach

VPN provider insists no user data was compromised in a March 2018 server breach, and says its datacentre provider failed to inform it of the issue

Government to provide local data to proptechs

Minister announces creation of a national index of brownfield site data and other initiatives to allow startups and property development companies to use public data to generate business

New tools add AI power to Teradata Vantage platform

Teradata unveiled Vantage Analyst and Customer Experience, two new tools now part of the vendor's analytics platform, on Tuesday at its user conference in Denver.

Equifax shares 'risk averse' cloud security model post-breach

Equifax explains how it has transformed its data security strategy using multiple clouds and a more focused approach through Google Cloud Platform's hierarchal security.

Banks move to contain impact of Samsung biometric flaw

NatWest and Nationwide have moved to lock down their mobile banking apps after Samsung warned of a biometric security flaw on its Galaxy and Note S10 devices

IoT connectivity management platforms flourish

Berg Insight research reveals huge potential growth in devices managed on commercial internet of things connectivity management platforms, predicting a rise from 770 million in 2018 to 3.15 billion by 2023

Alfresco Software acquires SAP connector company Pernexas

The acquisition aims to make gaining new customers easier by providing another option to SAP customers looking for a cloud-native platform that can support SAP implementations.

Virtual Instruments becomes Virtana, adds cloud monitoring

Virtual Instruments' focus expands to hybrid IT infrastructure management, as company changes name to Virtana and adds CloudWisdom monitoring and cost optimization.

President of SAP Customer Experience departs

Alex Atzberger is leaving his post as president of SAP Customer Experience. He will be replaced by industry veteran Bob Stutz. The news comes two weeks after Bill McDermott announced he was stepping down as SAP CEO.

Take responsibility for cyber security basics, urges NCSC CEO

At the launch of its third annual review, NCSC head Ciaran Martin appealed for individuals and businesses to address the fundamentals of cyber security hygiene to help lighten the load

Commvault displays a new personality, experts say

In 2019, Commvault has hired a new CEO, made its first acquisition and launched its first subsidiary. At Commvault Go 2019, the company also reflected a new culture and attitude.

Ex-Salesforce exec Bob Stutz takes the reins of SAP C/4HANA

Ex-Salesforce Marketing Cloud CEO Bob Stutz, known for jump-starting stagnating CRM and CX software at Siebel, Microsoft and SAP, returns to SAP to bolster C/4HANA CX cloud.

Another CCleaner attack hits Avast supply chain

Avast was able to stop an attempted supply chain attack targeting its CCleaner software, but experts say all enterprises should be wary of similar supply chain attacks.

Rent the Runway CEO discusses IT challenges, CX strategy

Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman shares the company's CX strategy, describes its customer data collection and use, and addresses recent IT upgrade challenges.

How Singtel and Dell are approaching digital transformation

Singtel employees are learning to create their own robotic process automation-powered bots while Dell has speeded up application development from months to weeks

Global broadband market sees fibre push

Trend towards fibre and dropping copper for broadband links continues in second quarter, but at a slower rate

Southwest Airlines upgrades its internal mobility

Southwest Airlines wants to improve its internal hiring. It is now applying external recruiting practices internally in the hopes of growing employee awareness of new jobs.

Splunk advances Data-to-Everything initiative

Splunk execs outline the vendor's direction and new capabilities at its annual user conference, including the general availability of Data Fabric Search and Data Stream Processor.

New NVMe IBM storage for Spectrum Scale cuts install time

IBM introduces new NVMe-based flash storage system bundled with Spectrum Scale, enables Spectrum Discover to access backup date, and updates pay-as-you-grow pricing.

Know Fraud database became backlog dump

Reports to Action Fraud handled by City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau were quarantined as security risk, finds HM’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services

Backblaze cloud backup extends version history

Backblaze gives users the ability to keep everything in the history of their backups. The cloud storage and backup vendor also enhanced upload performance.

Grafana Labs observability platform set to grow

Raj Dutt, co-founder and CEO of Grafana Labs, provides insight into what his company is doing and where it's headed, now that it has raised new money and is seeing new use cases for its data observability technology.

Elastic SIEM spring release will complete Endgame tie-in

Endgame agents can now send endpoint security data to the Elastic SIEM, but UI and data schema integration -- and the ability to take action on endpoints -- will come next year.

Microsoft acquires to ease OneDrive migrations

Microsoft's acquisition signals a fresh push to get legacy on-premises SharePoint users, as well as Box and DropBox subscribers, on to its OneDrive file-sharing cloud.

AWS gets behind Rust programming language

AWS has joined Microsoft, Google, Mozilla and other major vendors in using and supporting the Rust programming language as a system programming language.

Salesforce email marketing gets Einstein AI infusion

Salesforce adds Einstein AI features to email marketing tools to find images and keywords and provide keyword analysis to help email campaigns succeed.

College plans tech school at Bletchley Park

Planning application aims to turn a selection of the listed buildings that housed Britain’s codebreakers in the Second World War into a facility for up to 1,000 students

NHSX seeks chief technology officer

The principal technology adviser to the organisation's CEO, Matthew Gould, should be interviewed by early December

Veritas Flex appliance line extends out to the edge

Veritas makes an edge play with a smaller Flex appliance running NetBackup, designed for remote offices to deduplicate data at the source before it is migrated to a data center.

StreetWise gets into gear with London driverless car trials

The StreetWise consortium, led by technology startup FiveAI in partnership with insurance firm Direct Line Group and the Transport Research Laboratory, announces testing of autonomous vehicles in South London in October and November 2019

New AI laws could impact how HR operates

Federal, state and local governments are turning its attention to the use of AI in all aspects of life. This includes how HR is using automated decision support systems.

AWS ups Java support, joins Java Community Process

By joining the Java Community Process, AWS will have its say over how the Java language and platform will evolve to meet the needs of cloud-native computing environments.

Unit4 ERP software aims to prioritize people experience

Unit4 promises to deliver features including the ability to self-drive, automate repetitive administrative tasks, integrate third-party applications and add customer extensions.

Microsoft wins $10 billion JEDI contract over AWS

In a surprise move, the DOD has awarded Microsoft, not AWS, its controversial JEDI cloud computing contract. The deal has a price tag of up to $10 billion over 10 years.

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