TechTarget News - Week of Feb 27, 2022

Cloudflare: Our network is our product

Cloudflare’s chief product officer explains why its network is its product and how it protects organisations against cyber threats

AT&T teams with Microsoft to gain private 5G edge

US operator collaborates with cloud giant to integrate 5G network with Azure private mobile edge computing and builds on existing edge work between the two companies

Sajid Javid outlines NHS tech targets

Health and social care secretary Sajid Javid announces priorities around digital transformation in the health service

DBT Labs raises expectations for data transformation

DBT Labs co-founder and CEO Tristan Handy outlines his view on the modern data stack, how the vendor's technology powers data pipelines and why he raised money now.

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

The job moves keep coming as firms reach out for talent to help support growth ambitions

Conti ransomware gang backs Russia, threatens U.S.

The Conti ransomware gang announced last week that they were in 'full support' of Russia and would retaliate if the West attacked Russian critical infrastructure.

Recorded Future: Russia may retaliate with cyber attacks

Recorded Future warned U.S. and European organizations could be hit by 'spillover attacks' or intentional retaliatory strikes from Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

Cloud suppliers eye APAC space industry

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft are working with local governments and supplying cloud technologies to support the region’s growing space industry

Nationwide suffers payday payments outage

Nationwide customers were left unable to pay bills on payday as the building society suffered a software outage

CompTIA bolsters data training

Organisation reacts to growing market need for better understanding of data as it launches the first of four certifications in this area

MWC 2022: Telefónica boosts cloud cover with AWS, Microsoft

Hot on the heels of the operator inking a cloud sourcing deal with arch rival AWS, leading Spain-based telco Telefónica has signed a deal with Microsoft to expand their global collaboration

ESET details new IsaacWiper malware used on Ukraine

Having been among the first to report on the HermeticWiper malware used against Ukraine last week, ESET has now identified another destructive malware called IsaacWiper

Micron releases first 176-layer NAND data center SSD

The Micron 7450 marks the launch of the first 176-layer NAND SSD aimed at the data center, bringing a consistently low-latency, PCIe Gen 4 performance and a spectrum of form factors.

DCMS opens consultation on telecoms cyber standards

Proposed rules will set out the specific measures telecoms providers need to take to fulfil their legal duties under the Telecommunications Security Act

BBC blasted with millions of malicious emails

Responding to an FoI request, the BBC has revealed it receives more than 300,000 malicious email attacks every day

HermeticWiper poses increasing cyber risk to Ukraine

While it has not been attributed to a specific threat group, ESET researchers observed another data-wiping malware that targeted a Ukrainian organization and warned it could extend to allies.

Imply Polaris brings Apache Druid database to the cloud

Imply's new Polaris cloud database services builds on the open source Druid technology, with integrated data ingestion capabilities and a new multi-stage query engine.

Nvidia confirms breach, proprietary data leaked online

Nvidia has confirmed some of the claims from a little-known ransomware gang that allegedly broke into the network of the GPU giant and stole corporate data.

Conti ransomware source code, documentation leaked

The Conti ransomware gang's primary Bitcoin address, found in the leak, showed the crime outfit has taken in over $2 billion in cryptocurrency since 2017.

Salesforce releases Tableau CRM telco churn prediction AI

For telcos that use Communications Cloud, Salesforce adds an AI-powered tool that predicts customer churn, part of its vertical strategy in the wake of its Vlocity acquisition.

How FinOps can rein in cloud costs

More organisations are warming to FinOps to keep escalating cloud costs in check, amid growing usage of public cloud services

Cyber companies step up support for Ukraine

Security companies Bitdefender and Vectra AI are both to offer products and services in support of Ukraine

Logicalis: The role of the CIO has changed

There will be no going back to the world we all knew prior to the pandemic, with customers now looking for support delivering ever-faster innovation

Orange to phase out 2G and 3G by the end of the decade

Orange becomes latest mobile network operator to use spectrum for 4G, 5G and other future services, making transition in what it says will be a seamless and balanced two-step approach, with one technology to be switched off by 2025 and the other by 2030

Alteryx unifies cloud capabilities in a single platform

The longtime data and analytics vendor launched Analytics Cloud, bringing together its first four cloud-native capabilities in one environment for a more seamless user experience.

MWC 2022: AT&T looks to the cloud to gain edge in 5G

Leading US network provider reaches out to communications industry ecosystem to strengthen next-generation infrastructure offer, encompassing edge and private networking, cloud and 5G massive MIMO technology

Anomalo Pulse dashboard aims for data quality insights

The startup is enhancing its platform by providing users with a new dashboard that brings visibility into the state of data used for data analytics and business intelligence.

CrowdStrike cracks PartyTicket ransomware targeting Ukraine

CrowdStrike's analysis of the new ransomware, also known as HermeticRansom, that affected Ukrainian organizations revealed that files encrypted with PartyTicket are recoverable.

Domo CEO Josh James steps down, John Mellor promoted

The analytics vendor's leadership change comes as it continues to add functionality to its platform and after it reported strong fourth-quarter and full-year revenue growth.

Benefits of ERP cloud migration need reality check

In this Q&A, Roan Low of Syntax explains why organizations should consider a system transformation, not a lift-and-shift upgrade, to take full advantage of an ERP cloud migration.

Dremio opens up data lakehouse with new engine

The data lakehouse vendor is expanding its cloud platform with a new SQL query engine and data metastore for data lakes that builds on top of the Apache Iceberg table format.

RingCentral unveils UCaaS offerings for education

RingCentral plans to launch two UC-as-a-service education products this month. Future UCaaS releases will target other markets, including healthcare and finance.

Nato Cyber Security unit tests post-quantum VPN

Nato’s Cyber Security Centre has successfully tested secure communication flows in a post-quantum world using a UK-designed VPN

MSPs getting stuck in ‘digital impasse’

Ingram Micro Cloud shines light on a market that has experienced high growth and the challenges for MSPs in keeping up with the pace of change

Boardroom does not see ransomware as a priority

Less than a quarter of company directors think ransomware is a top priority for their security teams, according to Egress

Nutanix revenue increases, driven by hybrid cloud adoption

Benefiting from the growing user adoption of hybrid clouds and a significant increase in digital transformation projects, Nutanix second-quarter revenue jumped 19%.

Microsoft updates Azure for Operators, joins AT&T in private 5G

Microsoft's latest Azure for Operators update includes critical 5G services. The company also joined AT&T in a private 5G service that can roam on the carrier's public network.

New Splunk CEO inherits a company in transition

Splunk is at a crossroads as a new chief executive takes over and the vendor navigates the classic Innovator's Dilemma.

Job applications a top HR business cybersecurity risk

Russia's attack on Ukraine has raised the risk of a business cybersecurity attack, and HR may be particularly vulnerable. But there are steps HR can take to protect its company.

Channel advised to reach out for help with sustainability

Trying to get into a carbon neutral position can be a daunting prospect, but an expert in the field advises leaning on support that will come from the partner ecosystem

February ransomware attacks hit major enterprises

Enterprises, colleges and municipalities in the U.S. continued to be hit by ransomware as publicly reported attacks for February piled up.

Scrapping NHS Digital a backward step for patient data rights

Former NHS Digital chair Kingsley Manning has spoken out over proposals to fold NHS Digital into NHS England, saying that more oversight is needed to safeguard patient data in light of recent events

Cloudian CEO, CTO talk future of object storage

Cloudian CEO and CTO talk about the evolution of storage from block and file to object, and why object storage's future is so bright.

Differentiation key for independent Pyramid Analytics

A strong set of augmented intelligence capabilities and an end-to-end platform are enabling the vendor to grow despite not having the backing of a large parent company.

Data crucial for finance companies using AI

Organizations in credit, banking and insurance must pay attention to data to build explainable models. This Q&A with an AI vendor CEO explores data, governance and explainability.

Tech companies rein in harassment in VR meeting places

Companies are unlikely to buy into virtual reality for meetings and events if tech companies can't protect customers' employees from groping, stalking and threats in cyberspace.

Hackers using stolen Nvidia certificates to sign malware

The recent breach of Nvidia's corporate network has resulted in the posting of valid software certificates that are now being used to spread malware in the wild.

HP brings device management to VR headsets

HP's SaaS product lets businesses using HTC and Pico virtual reality headsets track device locations, push application updates, patch devices and set security policies.

Epicor ERP adds low-code BI with Grow acquisition

Epicor's acquisition of Grow Inc. provides the ERP vendor with a low-code business intelligence tool that provides business users flexible and easy-to-use analytics capabilities.

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