TechTarget News - Week of Jun 12, 2022

London Mayor pledges £500,000 for city’s data economy

At the start of London Tech Week 2022, the Mayor of London is announcing £500,000 in funding for the city’s data economy, in the form of the Data for London platform

Health data strategy to exorcise ghosts of GPDPR

Government publishes a revised data in health strategy, with an emphasis firmly on preserving the integrity and privacy of patients’ confidential information

The inauguration of LUMI: Europe's most powerful supercomputer launches

A former paper mill in Finland is now home to the world's third most powerful supercomputer, which will help researchers across Europe accelerate their scientific breakthroughs in the fields of climate change and medicine

UK, US prepare to launch PET project

A transatlantic prize challenge to accelerate development of privacy-enhancing technologies is set to begin

Skyhigh Security CEO, VP talk life after McAfee

Gee Rittenhouse discusses the process of building Skyhigh Security, a new company created by Symphony Technology Group as a rebirth of McAfee's enterprise cloud security portfolio.

Syncro steps up support for UK MSPs

Firm expands support hours and makes billing easier as it looks to grow managed service provider base on this side of the Atlantic

Cisco adds calling during internet outages to Webex

Cisco will make Webex Calling less reliant on internet connectivity to increase its appeal to healthcare and other industries requiring a highly reliable phone service.

Alternative data, multimodal AI tech produce new insights

AI fuels the delivery of new sources of investment and corporate information, such as satellite imagery, contact center audio logs, employee sentiment and social media data.

Stipends for remote work emerge as polarizing issue

As remote work becomes a broader norm, there's debate about whether employees should be reimbursed for home office expenses, especially if it's their choice to work from home.

Tenable slams Microsoft over Azure vulnerabilities

Tenable expressed its frustration after working with Microsoft on the disclosure of two cloud flaws that researchers ranked as critical, which the company later silently patched.

Digitising the future of Nordic energy

Finland calls for digital intervention as part of the global transition to renewable energy

Adobe adds CDP functionality for B2B use cases

Adobe catches up with the competition with the release of new customer data platform features for marketers, including a 'data clean room' and tools for B2B users.

Government data talk to the fore at London Tech Week

Data figured prominently in the unfolding of the government’s digital strategy at the start of London Tech Week, with privacy-enhancing technologies and anonymous health data sharing notable

Port of Tyne lands BT 5G private network to boost smart port ambitions

UK telco teams with leading North East of England port to develop services based on private 5G network to power applications including robotics and autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and internet of things

Cisco links Webex to ThousandEyes internet intelligence

Integration between the Cisco Webex Control Hub and ThousandEyes lets IT administrators spot internet problems before they can affect video conferences.

Added fibre for Nokia optical network services in US

Global comms tech provider unveils range of optical networking services for US market, including premier of 100G fibre in the country

Microsoft updates Teams to filter out echoes

Microsoft will make Teams calls more like telephone conversations, using AI to filter out background noise and echoes that disrupt conversations.

Zadara revs up F1 team's capabilities with edge storage

Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen uses Zadara to store and access race and technical data so that it can improve race analysis and mechanical performance.

How Russian sanctions may be helping US cybersecurity

Federal government officials say Russian sanctions decreased cyber attacks on the U.S. over the past few months but could potentially lead to significant threats down the road.

Critical Atlassian Confluence flaw remains under attack

Researchers say a critical flaw in the Atlassian Confluence Data Center and Server is now being used to spread ransomware in the wild, making updates a top priority.

ThoughtSpot, Matillion partner to accelerate analytics

The analytics vendor and data integration vendor both offer cloud-native tools and have joined forces to reduce the time it takes go from data ingestion to insight and action.

StorOne connects HDDs with NVMe-oF

StorOne extended NVMe-oF to SAS HDDs, bringing some of the NVMe benefits to the older technology before NVMe hard drives hit the market while reducing costs of NVMe-oF.

Quantinuum quantum systems now support parallel operations

Quantinuum has added parallel processing capabilities to its H1-1 quantum system making it more suitable for solving complex tasks involving cybersecurity and optimization.

Microsoft fixes Follina zero-day for June Patch Tuesday

A Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool flaw disclosed on May 30 and exploited in the wild gets resolved in this month's batch of security updates.

UK needs to upskill to achieve quantum advantage

Quantum computing bridges the IT and scientific community, and although it may be years away, skills developed during pilot projects are key

UK tech job opportunities at 10-year high

Rapid adoption of digital technology, along with the sector’s growing success, has driven tech hiring to heights not seen since the London Olympics

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins: IT spending could slow

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said companies could reduce spending but are unlikely to slash budgets because technology has become a revenue driver.

SMEs leaning more heavily on MSPs, says research

Research from JumpCloud reveals increased momentum in the shift by small and medium-sized customers towards working with the managed service model

SAP launches partner training initiative

Vendor SAP aims to help reduce the skills gap and provide partners with access to a fresh wave of skilled individuals

DataStax raises $115M to advance its data stack

The CEO of the data platform vendor, which is a leading contributor to the open source Cassandra database, details why the vendor is looking to assemble a full data stack.

SAS analytics and BI platform evolves toward cloud

Though the analytics vendor has invested heavily in AI over the past few years, the most significant change to its platform has been its embrace of the cloud.

Microsoft takes months to fix critical Azure Synapse bug

Orca Security discovered that inadequate tenant separation in Microsoft's Azure Synapse service could allow a threat actor to steal credentials from thousands of customers.

Splunk Enterprise users push more data into DevSecOps

Splunk shops are expanding their collection of log and observability data to offer developer self-service, correlate ops with security alerts and consolidate edge management.

At SHRM conference, HR prepares for the next crisis

The SHRM conference this week took stock of the economic challenges facing HR managers, as well as some business policies and tech moving up in importance.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition adds AI, automation

Pricing stays the same for Salesforce Sales Cloud's highest-level subscription, but formerly a la carte tools are now included that span AI-powered analytics and automation.

Qualcomm acquires Cellwize to accelerate 5G, edge adoption, innovation

Chip giant makes acquisition of 5G network deployment, automation and management software platform with intention of fuelling digital transformation of industries, powering the connected intelligent edge and supporting growth of cloud economy

India surges in international bandwidth demand

Research shows undersupply has created an opportunity to serve ballooning bandwidth needs across regional hubs such as Mumbai and Chennai

Tibco Spotfire 12 to enable direct actions from dashboards

The platform's next update, which the vendor previewed during a recent virtual user conference, will enable customers to trigger data-driven actions directly from their dashboards.

Splunk AIOps development to be led by new 'hands-on' CEO

Splunk product development will be led by the company's new CEO following another high-ranking exec's departure, prompting speculation about the vendor's long-term priorities.

Green software summit outlines developer best practices

The Green Software Foundation Global Summit highlights tech sustainability and the important role developers can play in tackling climate change.

MoD sets out strategy to develop military AI with private sector

The UK Ministry of Defence has outlined its intention to work closely with the private sector to develop and deploy a range of artificial intelligence-powered technologies, committing to ‘lawful and ethical AI use’

Organisations struggle to support IT in a hybrid work model

Study from digital employee experience tech firm finds 95% of professionals face disruptive IT issues that hinder productivity, with particular problems regarding remote workers

Tech sector sustainability efforts need full ecosystem approach

Reorienting the tech sector around collaboration rather than competition and reassessing the industry’s conventional wisdom around economic growth is essential to improving sustainability on the timescale needed, London Tech Week attendees are told

Neon previews serverless PostgreSQL database service

Startup emerges to launch a new developer-focused cloud database as a service based on open source PostgreSQL, with capabilities to enable branching for application development.

Comau, Ericsson, TIM test factory of the future through 5G network slicing

Robotics and automation company teams with comms tech provider and leading Italian operator to deliver solutions for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing by using the potential of the 5G network as part of EU-funded 5Growth project

Broadcom's acquire-and-axe history concerns VMware users

VMware users are taking a wait-and-see stance on the Broadcom acquisition, keeping their fingers crossed that Broadcom remains committed to investing in innovation.

Hertzbleed disclosure raises questions for Intel

Hertzbleed, a family of new side-channel attacks, was first reported to Intel in the third quarter of 2021, and it's unclear why it was kept under embargo for so long.

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