TechTarget News - Week of Nov 08, 2015

GCHQ and NCA join forces to police dark web

GCHQ and the National Crime Agency are to track down paedophiles and serious online criminals by using the techniques and expertise used to find terrorists

Snoopers’ charter will force ISPs to raise broadband prices

The Science and Technology Select Committee hears that ISPs may be forced to put up their service charges to cover the cost of retaining communications data, should the Investigatory Powers Bill become law

Riverbed SteelCentral shines new light on application insight

Riverbed updates SteelCentral for more application insight; Broadcom expands switch analytics; Cisco adds to its security portfolio; and Akamai intros a WAN service to cloud providers

Three men charged over JP Morgan hacking and fraud

Exploiting the Heartbleed bug was one of the methods used by three men charged in connection with the theft of more than 100 million customer data records from financial institutions to carry out "pump and dump" fraud

Massive tax bill increases uncertainty in Dell-EMC deal

Dell's deal to buy EMC and VMware for $67 billion is in doubt after revelations that the company could face a $9 billion tax bill, forcing some uncertain IT buyers to look elsewhere.

Future of VMware depends on its cloud-native strategy

In this week's SDN blog post roundup, an expert assesses the future of VMware, and other bloggers take us to the Kubernetes and IETF conferences.

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