TechTarget News - Week of Dec 06, 2015

Cyber attacks an increasing concern for Asean countries

Organisations in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are increasingly the targets for cyber criminals, according to a report focused on the region

Low-cost Nordics expect datacentre growth

The Nordics offers advantages as a datacentre location, with each of its five countries offering something different

System management vendors target full-stack oversight

This week, bloggers explore a new breed of system management vendors, networking takeaways from the VTech breach, and endpoint detection and response.

Russian big data in early stages

The use of big data technologies in Russia is still embryonic and the economic slowdown is stalling developments

Java turns 20: What's in store for Java programming?

Barry Burd, author and Java expert, discusses how Java programming recently turned 20 years old how it's managed to stick around for so long.

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