TechTarget News - Week of Mar 06, 2016

Lack of security awareness poses a major threat to businesses

Organisations are putting their reputation and competitive advantage at risk by not addressing the 'human factor' in cyber security. Could the channel come to the rescue?

Enterprise software agreements shape SaaS use

This week bloggers address enterprise software agreements and SaaS, the case of SD-WAN and HPE's expected entry into the hyper-converged infrastructure market.

Survey shows how early adopters define SDN

In this week's blog roundup, a survey of early adopters offers insights into the evolving definition of SDN, and several service providers join an SDN alliance.

Hyperscale computing boosts server revenue

The likes of Google, Facebook and Microsoft have bolstered server sales as they build increasingly powerful scale-out datacentres

$1bn cyber bank heist thwarted by spelling error

Cyber thieves made 30 requests for the New York Federal Reserve to transfer nearly $1bn from the Bangladesh central bank’s account, but a typo and the volume of requests alerted banking officials

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