TechTarget News - Week of Mar 13, 2016

Pure FlashBlade tackles scale-out unstructured data

Pure Storage launches a blade-based, scale-out unstructured data all-flash system that handles NAS and object storage. The vendor also brings out an entry-level version of its SAN flash array.

AWS ushers in new era of cloud-native applications

This week, bloggers explore the arrival of cloud-native applications and platforms, as well as recap the 2016 RSA Conference and assess a new SD-WAN security offering that says no to MPLS.

Why NoSQL databases are getting replaced

NoSQL databases have gained popularity by solving problems at which relational databases fail. Now graphing engines are solving the problems that are too tough for NoSQL.

Architectural firm explains move to cloud-based data storage

Growing through staff adds and acquisition forced a global architectural design firm to examine where and how it stores data files. The answer lay in cloud-based data storage.

CIO interview: Charlotta Nyström, Kemira

Finnish chemical industry group CIO sees networking with other CIOs as an essential part of her job

AT&T reveals details of ECOMP SDN platform

AT&T is seeking developer input in deciding whether to open source its ECOMP SDN platform for self-service networking.

Most students say cyber security is a growing threat

Some 70% of higher education students say they are aware that cyber crime and attacks are a threat, but less than half think security is their responsibility

CIO interview: Stuart Birrell, Heathrow Airport

Heathrow’s CIO is working to future-proof the airport, using technology to improve the passenger experience, reduce environmental impact and build a new operational model

PAC disappointed by Major Projects Authority’s lack of impact

The Public Accounts Committee is concerned that the newly formed Infrastructure and Projects Authority will weaken project scrutiny and become a “champion for government projects”

Seif project makes Web security a priority

Creating a safer Internet has become a central topic of discussion at Fluent 2016. The Seif project is one attempt to improve Web security and deliver trusted infrastructure to the Web.

Bridging the gap between Web and native apps

Native applications have always been better at engaging consumers, but a new approach, called progressive app development, promises to make the browser more engaging than ever.

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