TechTarget News - Week of Mar 20, 2016

Three key ingredients of any data lake implementation

A data lake implementation can provide enormous flexibility for analyzing all types of external and internal data -- but not without these three requirements.

CloudBees answers the call with a Jenkins private SaaS edition

CloudBees has made a name for itself by providing cloud-based approaches to Jenkins users, but its latest private SaaS edition gives users more control over their Jenkins CI infrastructure.

Reactive programming is all the rage at Fluent 2016

Find out why Microsoft's Matthew Podwysocki said he believes good reactive programming means developers embrace the Observable design pattern and create reliable, asynchronous systems.

Managing Internet of Things risks

This week, bloggers explore management for Internet of Things risks, layered protocol stacks and TELoIP's SD-WAN offering.

100 Gigabit switch sales soar

100 Gigabit Ethernet switch sales pace growth of market in '15, Comcast Business partners with AWS, and Nomadix deploys Deep Packet Inspection platform.

The dawn of managed services in the Middle East

Managed services are on the up in the Middle East, with enterprises looking at ways to support critical infrastructures while they invest in new technologies

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