TechTarget News - Week of Apr 03, 2016

'Citizens will be stripped naked' by Turkey’s data law

Turkey's data protection law, introduced in March 2016, will make Turkey a near total surveillance state, yet the EU, apparently more concerned about securing Turkey's help in controlling immigration, is turning a blind eye

EMC launches DD VE, virtual edition of Data Domain

EMC unveils the virtual edition of its Data Domain disk library, DD VE, allowing the Data Domain operating system to run inside a VMware hypervisor and back up to any hardware.

Panama Papers revealed by graph database visualisation software

The 11.5 million files leaked from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca are being interrogated by journalists using a combination of Neo4j’s graph database and data visualisation software Linkurious

U.S. hosts 72% of compromised DNS domains

This week, networking bloggers examine why the United States has so many compromised DNS domains, architecting for things and Brocade's acquisition plans.

Digital Leaders Awards open for public vote

The Digital Leaders 100 is open for a public vote to decide the winners of this year’s awards, including Digital Leader and FinTech Innovation of the Year

Interview: GDS CTO Liam Maxwell and deputy CTO Andy Beale

Government Digital Service’s Liam Maxwell and Andy Beale talk about the service’s future, its relationship with departments, tactical outsourcing extensions and lessons learned

Designing Web apps and Web UIs for software developers

Interested in designing Web apps? Here are some UX design tips that will garner them great feedback when they finally test the Web UIs they develop.

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