TechTarget News - Week of Jun 12, 2016

Digital skills gap costs UK economy £63bn a year

The Science and Technology Committee says the UK is facing a digital skills crisis and calls on government to publish its Digital Strategy “without further delay”

Shadow data and the risks posed by cloud storage and apps

Cloud storage and apps can open up an organisation to risks of data leakage. Computer Weekly looks at key areas of vulnerability and what you can do to prevent your data going viral

Will server hardware perform faster with transactional memory?

For many Java applications doing list processing, having transactional memory built right into Intel's commodity CPUs will result in greater server hardware performance.

Do you have what it takes to be a full stack developer?

There has been an increasing call in the industry for full stack developers. Java Champion Trisha Gee gives us her take on what such a position entails.

Openreach announces SME FTTP service roll-out

A number of cities are to receive a fibre-to-the-premises broadband service specifically designed for small to medium-sized enterprises

New Zealand calls for tech specialists

New Zealand needs more IT professionals, and is hitting its targets through a mix of training existing residents and attracting new ones

Netronome offers P4 support on server adapters

This week, networking industry bloggers examine Symantec's decision to buy Blue Coat and whether cloud-native applications have merit.

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