TechTarget News - Week of Feb 10, 2019

Culture clash cripples digital business

CIOs urged to work with HR to help staff take on new working practices that support digital transformation initiatives

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

It has been another few days of personnel changes in the industry as firm's of all shapes and sizes

Lauri Love takes legal action against NCA for return of seized computers

Lauri Love, a former engineering student who won a battle with the US Department of Justice against extradition to the US to face hacking charges, is suing the UK's intelligence agency, the NCA, for the return of his seized computers

Despite demand, few job ads cite flexible work options

Flexible work options are desirable, but not advertised. Hired has acquired Py, a platform used by employers to assess a candidate's technical skill level in hiring. The HR outsourcing market is set to grow.

Verint acquisition of ForeSee gives VOC software an upgrade

By combining Verint and ForeSee, users can capture customer interactions through SMS and customer surveys, as well as through online traffic and digital channels.

Container security vulnerability prompts call to patch runC

The discovery of a container utility flaw means IT pros must patch most container runtimes, as well as practice defense in depth and beware of strangers with sketchy container images.

APAC healthcare providers losing $23m to cyber attacks

Healthcare organisations in the Asia-Pacific region could lose an average of $23.3m to cyber attacks, including losses from productivity and customer churn, a study finds

Digital project failure still off the menu

Eight years ago, YouTube head Susan Wojcick described eight pillars that Google uses to innovate – but IT pros are still failing to fail fast

Telegram bot gets users hooked

Popular social media service provides a rich set of features for cyber criminals, RSA warns

MongoDB security head addresses database exposures

Davi Ottenheimer, MongoDB's head of product security, discusses his company's efforts to prevent accidental database exposures and why so many misconfigurations occur.

Netsurion intros low-maintenance SD-branch

Netsurion has introduced a software-defined branch product for retailers, hotels and restaurants. The managed SD-branch, called BranchSDO, includes networking and security.

The lead-up to HIMSS 2019: CIOs look for innovation

CIOs attending the CHIME-HIMSS 2019 CIO Forum said they're focused on AI developments, security trends and a better way to build healthcare technology that patients want to use.

Actifio GO turns Sky into SaaS backup

With Actifio GO, multi-cloud backup doesn't require backup software or any on-premises appliances. The SaaS data protection is based on the Salesforce model.

Senators want potential VPN threat investigated by DHS

Two senators called on the Department of Homeland Security to investigate the possibility that VPNs are allowing valuable information to be routed to foreign adversaries.

Australian government warns of blockchain gaps

Digital Transformation Agency dispels some myths around blockchain, calling for government agencies to be cautious about using the technology

Cloud and backup top storage priorities for 2019

Deploying the cloud for primary and secondary storage and backup and archiving project top project priorities in 2019. SAN, NAS and hyper-convergence also prominent

Lack of understanding holding SD-WAN sales back

The technology might deliver cost savings and efficiency improvements but not enough customers understand SD-WAN

Tableau Ask Data gives BI users simple NLP data query tool

Tableau's new Ask Data software uses natural language processing to enable users of any skill level to more easily search for data insights by typing text queries.

Mendix deepens native integration with IBM Cloud, Watson AI

IBM cloud users gain low-code options, as Mendix's re-engineered platform natively integrates with IBM Cloud services, particularly Watson AI and Kubernetes container orchestration.

IBM sales strategy enlists users as product partners

Big Blue's decision to revert to an old IBM sales strategy -- selling products and co-creating packages with users -- could better position the company in hybrid cloud and AI markets.

Cisco CEO brushes off Brexit and other crises

Chuck Robbins has been speaking about the networking business’ resilience in the face of multiple geopolitical trends and crises, and says his customers just can’t stop spending

Born to be wired

IBM is helping legendary US motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson to get its motor running with a cloud-based service for a new electric bike

Experts look for new Commvault CEO to automate, orchestrate

Experts say new Commvault CEO Sanjay Mirchandani is qualified for his new job, while the vendor still has some challenges to overcome in the face of a competitive, dynamic market.

HPE InfoSight to add support for partners' storage products

HPE GM of storage Milan Shetti outlines plans to add support for partners' storage products in its InfoSight predictive analytics platform and talks up its AI operations-centric strategy.

Linkerd vs. Istio fray dominates service mesh battle

Linkerd's maintainers admit it has a narrower range of features than buzz machine Istio. But after failed attempts to set up Istio, some early adopters believe less is more.

Container security tools pitch service mesh integrations

Container defense in depth is a hot topic, and some IT pros approach it with a combination of third-party container security tools and service mesh security features.

Originators form group to boost Presto SQL query engine

The Presto engine arose as an alternative to Hive for big data queries. Now, the Presto Software Foundation has formed to promote the SQL query software's virtues.

IBM Watson OpenScale: AI control, monitoring for any cloud

OpenScale, a new IBM AI product, enables organizations to monitor their AI models. Global services provider KPMG is using OpenScale to help power its own AI monitoring tool.

Lucidworks CEO talks up ‘data experiences’

Will Hayes discusses Lucidworks’ Asian expansion plans, as well as efforts to help enterprises deliver rich data experiences for employees and customers through AI-augmented search engines

IT Priorities 2019: IT decision-makers plan for APIs

The latest Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities survey shows that IT professionals are deploying business process automation, but application programming interfaces are not far behind

CISOs under increasing pressure, study shows

Cyber security professionals are under growing pressure from workloads and budget deficits, a study has revealed

Ponemon study: Poor password practices remain rampant

More than two-thirds of employees share passwords with colleagues, research reveals. Experts sound off on what's fueling poor password practices and how to solve the problem.

NetApp founder Dave Hitz steps away after 26 years

Retiring founder of NetApp Dave Hitz says the vendor is well-positioned for industrywide storage transitions, but recent sales results show challenges remain.

Astaroth Trojan returns, abuses antivirus software

Cybereason's Nocturnus Research team has discovered a new strain of the Astaroth Trojan that attacks antivirus software to steal credentials.

Cisco earnings, revenue show strength of product roadmap

Cisco earnings and revenue show customers are putting aside global uncertainties and buying into the company's shift toward a more software-centric form of networking.

Google Play security improved by targeting repeat offenders

Google this week attributed security improvements in Google Play to both automated processes and human reviewers. The improvements include stopping bad apps from being published.

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