TechTarget News - Week of Feb 24, 2019

SMEs failing to embrace innovation

The channel ill need to do a lot of hand holding to help more SMEs embrace some of the latest technological innovations

Android now Fido2 certified

Mobile operating system’s certification accelerates global migration beyond passwords, says Fido Alliance, which seeks to eliminate the world’s dependence on password-based security

Cyber power needs wider discussion, says GCHQ director

The topic of cyber power needs wider discussion, says GCHQ head in a speech about the opportunities of digital innovation such as 5G, as well as the accompanying complexity and risk, with particular mention of China and Huawei

EU gathers momentum in cyber security legislation and cooperation

The past two years have seen a step-change in the rate at which the European Union is putting legislation in place to support improved cyber security standards, collaboration and sharing of resources, says digital commissioner’s representative

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Those hunting growth often look to bring on talent and this last week has been no different

UNICEF investment in 6 blockchain startups extends mission

UNICEF's investment in blockchain startups extends its mission and also underscores the particularity of scenarios where blockchain promises to be the optimal solution.

Synology Active Backup boosts recovery speeds for Shiseido

Worried about slow recovery times and the impact ransomware might cause endpoint devices, Shiseido swapped in Synology Active Backup to reduce recovery time to 30 minutes.

WinRAR bug found and patched after 19 years

A WinRAR bug that affects every version of the app over the past 19 years was discovered and patched. But it's unclear if the millions of the app's users will get the needed fix.

Australia, Singapore say hello to 5G

Singtel and its Australian subsidiary Optus have made one of the first 5G video calls in the Asia-Pacific region

Cyber criminals earn $3bn a year exploiting social platforms

Businesses urged to respond to research findings that the ready availability of hacking tools, wildfire spread of malware and proliferation of cryptocurrency mining has seen a 300-fold increase in social media-enabled cyber crimes in two years

All-flash and hyper-convergence star in HPE and NetApp financials

All-flash storage lines hit high revenues and growth rates for HPE and NetApp in their latest quarter results. Hyper-converged infrastructure also does well for HPE, but NetApp keeps mum

Hazelcast grid tunes for data scalability tradeoffs

An in-memory data grid (IMDG) from Hazelcast lets designers tune subsystems to support consistency over availability, or the reverse, depending on what designers want.

Cohesity reaches out to ISVs

The storage player has launched an app market place and increased the support it can offer developers

Cohesity opens up backup data to analytics and applications

Hybrid-cloud backup appliance provider launches marketplace for applications that can apply intelligence, such as analytics, to data held in backup and secondary data stores

MWC 2019: 5G driving telcos into the cloud, says VMware CEO

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger explained how the requirements of 5G mobile networks are helping to push more telcos into the organisation’s arms

VMware PKS adds Heptio IP, boosts container street cred

VMware adds bare-metal Kubernetes and an elite support squad from Heptio, but it's unlikely to get widespread interest with bespoke container orchestration on premises.

Android brings FIDO2 certification to 1 billion devices

The FIDO Alliance announced Android has received FIDO2 certification, which will bring the ability to sign into websites and apps with biometrics, rather than passwords.

DataRobot AI platform to get boost from Cursor acquisition

The DataRobot acquisition of Cursor will see DataRobot incorporate unified search and data collaboration tools into DataRobot's automated machine learning platform.

China Mobile and Singtel team up on IoT

Two major telcos in the APAC region, China Mobile and Singtel, are working together to help enterprises deploy the internet of things across China and Singapore

Cloudflare open to channel expansion

Cloud based security and web performance player is keen to expand its UK channel relationships

SME backup products offer diverse routes to the cloud

We take the temperature on cloud-era SME-focused backup products that come as “traditional” software, replication-centric protection environments and hardware appliances

MWC 2019: Vodafone powers 5G with VMware

Vodafone is using VMware’s telco cloud platform to prepare its mobile networks for 5G in 15 geographies

Integration challenges lead to digital deceleration

With precious little increase in their budgets and large numbers of applications to connect, IT decision-makers admit they are struggling

Chinese cyber attack group Bronze Union targeting weapons tech

Weapons technology is among the latest targets of a highly adaptable cyber espionage group that uses a wide range of publicly available and custom attack tools, presenting a challenge to network defenders

Icann calls for community collaboration to protect the internet

The domain name system watchdog Icann has reaffirmed its commitment to engage in collaborative efforts to ensure the security, stability and resiliency of the internet’s global identifier systems

Cohesity backup saves time and space for Nebraska hospital

Community Hospital switched to Cohesity backup after scrapping the Dell EMC Avamar software and fourth-generation hardware it was using since 2009, saving rack space and improving performance.

MarioNet attack exploits HTML5 to create botnets

Researchers created a new browser-based attack, called MarioNet, that exploits an HTML5 API and can create botnets even after a browser tab is closed or a target navigates away.

Startup Vast Data: Death to disk storage

With $80 million in funding, the all-flash startup unveils its exabyte-scale Universal Storage system that it claims will make disk storage unnecessary in the data center.

APAC financial firms face roadblocks with RPA

IDC monitored the automation projects of over 30 early adopters of RPA in financial services and found that most were unable to scale up their implementations of the technology

Sextortion accounts for one in 10 spear-phishing emails

Email sextortion scams have increased in frequency and scope in the past four months, as well as evolving to bypass spam filters and trick recipients into reading the messages, research shows

London cyber security innovation centre issues open invitation

Government-backed cyber security innovation centre is calling for innovators to address key challenges facing the cyber security industry, offering a year of bespoke support to scale quickly

Rigby Group sells off FluidOne

After being involved with the data delivery firm the Rigby Group has opted to sell the business to a private equity player

Supplier consolidation tops infosec goals for 2019

Supplier consolidation, collaboration between networking and security teams, and security awareness are the top priorities for information security professionals trying to prepare for the unknown, annual benchmark study shows

TaylorMade Golf takes a shot with Oracle cloud database

TaylorMade Golf's move to Oracle's cloud data warehouse has produced major performance improvements, but other important Oracle workloads will remain on premises for now.

Istio security drives Auto Trader UK move to GKE

The U.K.'s largest online automotive marketplace put Istio security features in place before it adopted containers and GKE, rather than the other way around.

LogMeIn products Jive and GoToMeeting to be unified

The LogMeIn products Jive and GoToMeeting will be combined under a new brand, an integration that analysts say is necessary for the vendor to remain competitive.

VMware NSX-T gets revamped UI, more automation

The latest iteration of VMware NSX-T includes a revamped UI and other features meant to improve its ability to provide virtual networking in hybrid, private and public clouds.

Sensu architecture smoothes monitoring data workflow for NCR

Sensu Go's architecture and monitoring as code prompted NCR to switch away from Zabbix and pass on SolarWinds, as it sought to collect data from 80,000 restaurant customers.

DevOps consolidation continues with JFrog and Shippable

JFrog's acquisition of Shippable gives JFrog another arrow in its DevOps quiver and enables its customers to use an integrated DevOps platform that includes CI/CD.

Cisco patches persistent Webex vulnerability for a third time

After two previous attempts, Cisco has issued a third patch for a persistent flaw in its Webex platform, which allows privilege escalation attacks on systems running the software.

New broadband speed regulations come into force

Internet service providers must now tell consumers how fast their broadband service will be before they sign a contract, under new Ofcom rules

IBM deal to drive Nordea’s IT-led transformation

Nordea is expanding its relationship with IBM through a deal that will give it access to the skills and resources required to keep pace with the digital revolution in banking

Microsoft Azure gains ground on AWS in public cloud

RightScale report suggests Microsoft Azure is closing the gap between it and public cloud market leader AWS in the enterprise, while Google is attracting increasing attention from the C-suite

UKFast opens doors to 100 more apprentices

The cloud specialist is ramping up its commitment to apprenticeships with plans to bring on board a significant number of new recruits

Tech She Can Charter enters second year

PwC charter Tech She Can Charter has entered its second year after having grown to over 90 organisations dedicated to increasing the number of women in tech

Facebook facing 10 GDPR investigations in Ireland

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has revealed it has 10 active probes into Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as Apple, LinkedIn and Twitter, on its books

SAP ups mobile ante with SAP iOS SDK, Android SDK

SAP debuted new versions of its iOS and Android software development kits at Mobile World Congress. They include new integrations and functions for developing SAP mobile applications.

Splunk partners 'the growth engine' of new customer deals

Splunk partners were a major contributor to the vendor's growth in fiscal year 2019. Splunk says it aims to recruit more systems integrator partners in the year ahead.

Coinhive shutdown imminent after troubled cryptomining past

The Coinhive cryptominer is scheduled to be shut down following a troubled history and experts don't think the company gave the full story as to why the shutdown is happening.

Veriflow launches cloud-only network verification

Veriflow's new CloudPredict SaaS provides network verification for AWS and Google Cloud. The product is for companies that need visibility only in the public clouds.

Microsoft mixed reality software comes to smartphones

Microsoft is adding mixed reality capabilities for sales departments and for customer service, extending the features beyond their HoloLens headset and onto smartphones.

Azure Sentinel adds AI-driven SIEM for cloud security

Azure Sentinel, Microsoft's take on a security information and event management platform, relies on AI for threat detection and competes with the likes of Splunk.

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