Not all leads are created equal

I recently came across this article in B2B Magazine about how marketers should target their most profitable accounts.

The article mentions that marketers are paying little attention to identifying, marketing and selling to their organizations strategic accounts.  While a lead can be identified as a contact wanting to learn more about a vendor, a named account program provides multiple contacts at the account level.  Why is this so important?  It’s those strategic accounts that are responsible for growing the business and gives sales the opportunity to connect with these accounts.  Named accounts are typically large organizations with multiple departments.  A named account programs provide sales with multi-level relationships at the account level for maximum return on investment.

The key to these account programs is to customize your email marketing and advertising plans to only target those accounts.  This can be done by sharing the account list with advertising vendors who can create customized lists guaranteeing the return on investment.  As a marketer, do you see the value in this type of marketing strategy?  What are some of the market proven methods you have used to develop and manage a named account program?

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