Observations from CMO Council Meeting with IT CMOs

Last month I participated in a dinner hosted in London by the CMO Council http://www.cmocouncil.org/ attended by Chief Marketing Officers across several industries and respective companies. I happened to be seated next to CMOs for EMEA or England from IT companies like IBM, Motorola, Microsoft, HP, Factiva (to name a few).

Their dinner conversation focused on a major pain point they are all experiencing-namely the trend for their key customer accounts to not rely on single vendors for bundled solutions-but rather to seek out Best of Breed multi-vendor solutions for each component of a total installation.

This creates many challenges for the marketing and sales arm of any IT solution-provider. The CMOs were basicially describing their organization’s challenges to respond to this dymanic by offering highly customized yet opened-ended solutions that work with multi-vendor installations . 

Long gone is the day they can assume they can build enough loyalty from their customers to be dependent on just their brand or solution, as commodization and competitive prices strongly influence the lack of loyalty. 

 Anyone care to offer opinions on this trend or to share Best Practices in how to deal with the reality?


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