One 3-Hour Event to Fuel Your Marketing Strategies for the Next 4 Quarters

Peter Ross

VP, Corporate Marketing

Boston-area technology marketers and sales reps:
These are the most important 3 hours you will spend getting ready for the next year

TechTarget Boston ROI SummitJoin us for our annual Boston ROI Summit and in the same amount of time it takes to watch a Patriots game, you will get top-notch guidance to support your marketing efforts over the next 12 months. There is no other opportunity left on the calendar to get non-stop knowledge and best practices from your customers, your peers and research from the marketing experts at TechTarget – all before lunchtime.

TechTarget’s annual event pulls together the latest global IT Priorities and Media Consumption insights and brings them to life with real-world examples shared directly by technology buyers, marketers, sellers and leading industry analysts.

If you are in technology marketing or sales, here’s why you can’t afford to miss the TechTarget ROI Summit at our headquarters on October 29th

5 Reasons Why Every Tech Marketer Should Attend the 2014 TechTarget Worldwide ROI Summit Boston

1. Technology Buyers Share What They Really Think About Your Marketing and Sales Strategies

An unfiltered panel of IT buyers will share their feedback about your marketing strategies and give their guidance on how to best engage them while they are in research mode. This panel discussion is always a highlight of the event because it features your target audience of IT decision makers and their firsthand advice about which marketing tactics work in grabbing their attention and which strategies are failing.

2. When SiriusDecisions Talks, People Listen

This year’s featured guest speaker, Jay Gaines from SiriusDecisions, will discuss how marketers need to embrace the new dynamic that buyers are further along in the buying process before speaking to sales, and the new methods required to drive conversations earlier. Jay and his team of analysts have advised thousands of B2B marketers on the proven methods and best practices on enabling sales to drive earlier engagements. This is your chance to hear what he has to say and walk away with actionable next steps to market and sell more effectively to your self-educated buyers.

3. Tons of New Research About What Technology Buyers Care About Most

Attendees will be the first to see the results from TechTarget’s latest Global Media Consumption Research Report and get a better view of which content IT buyers are leveraging most when making their purchase decisions. We will also showcase the results from our most recent IT Priorities study and discuss where IT budgets are being allocated as we enter 2015. If you are responsible for building out sales and marketing plans for next year, it’s imperative you be the first to see on all our new research about the investment priorities and content preferences of today’s IT buying teams.

4. Hear What the Marketer Next Door is Doing to Win More Deals

The best part of learning is to see exactly how other marketers are addressing the same types of challenges you face every day. We’ve pulled together a team of marketing and sales pros to participate in an open panel discussion to share their own real-world examples of successful campaigns and mistakes to avoid in their efforts to grow pipeline. This Marketer-to-Marketer session provides a lot of the peer insights and best practices from other tech marketing practitioners that you’ve always wanted to know but just haven’t had the opportunity to ask for.

Now’s your chance.

5. Meet Up with the Best and Brightest Boston Marketers

There’s no better opportunity to network with more than 100 of your tech marketing peers in a friendly and open learning environment. The event will give you plenty of time to reconnect with former colleagues and also make new connections with lots of other smart marketing people who can help you. Throughout this half-day event, attendees will be able to share best practices with their marketing and sales peers from organizations of all sizes and technology segments.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our upcoming event, drop me a line.

See you at the Summit!

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