Peer Network Marketing

This past week, MarketingVOX discussed the announcement that Jeep is turning to social peer networks MySpace and Facebook to help it launch Jeep Compass, its new vehicle aimed at young adults. Jeep’s agency noted that they will not be using them to drive traffic back to Instead, they have set up profile pages on each that they will use as a destination page for the banners they are buying. Jeep is leveraging these brands to build a community and drive purchase consideration and they are not the only ones who see the business potential here.

Peer networking is clearly here to stay in the consumer market (Fox just bet $580 million on it), but will we see this take off in the IT market anytime soon? P2P has been discussed for quite some time in IT, but has yet to be fully embraced. This is no surprise as IT marketing trends typically follow consumer trends (see podcasts), but the way decisions are made in the IT market (outside of publishers and search engines, we all know that IT people rely heavily on colleagues and peers) suggests a market that is ready for P2P sooner rather than later.

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